Friday, December 30, 2011


We've come to another year's end here at twelvedaysold, which was more sparse than last year.  My life in general was more sparse, but sometimes I need those quiet years.

Those of you who have been around for a while or have been reading through my archives (I love you), last year ended kind of sucky, with 2010 becoming kind of a douche.  I was a wee bit sad and stressed out.

After we found out about Jesse's diabetes last November, he immediately lost something like 40 pounds and now weighs less than me.  On the plus side (bah!), all the happy pounds I've gained since we got married have rounded out my butt quite nicely.  Whenever I'm around my mom for an extended (like my waistline) period of time she starts making everyone look at my butt and says, "Where did that come from?  Why don't I have a butt?"  Which always ends with my dad asking if we could please stop talking about my behind.

I went to jury duty, bought a bike, went on vacation, and purchased a video which became the best present ever for Jesse's birthday of a man dancing topless with "Happy b-day Jesse Bear" written on his stomach.

I told a lot of childhood stories, since I was a wee bit of a peculiar child, and I do a lot of embarrassing things.  I was watching an episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive and one woman, after cleaning up almost her whole house, said something along the lines of, "This is how I get to help people, by sharing my story.  I don't know why it had to be hoarding, but by doing this I'm helping other people."  I'm kind of like that, with making a fool of myself.  It's okay if you do stupid things.  There's humor in there somewhere.

I talked about the broshay, and the time I thought we were "that family" when my dad told me he drowned a racoon in our backyard.  I admitted to thinking my overweight cocker spaniel was as fast as Superman, gagged while remembering the long-forgotten chocolate milk that exploded in my car, blushed while writing that I cut my eyebrows to look like Vanilla Ice's, and most recently I told you about when I was a kid and dropped trou in my bedroom and peed in a heater vent.

Cinnamon is doing well at the ripe age of 16 1/2 and doing well apparently requires sleeping a lot.

I did a good amount of knitting/crafting this year, including a lot of presents I never took photos of.  I also got VERY MAD at knitting.  Sometimes it's a love/hate thing.

I'm not a book worm, but I almost always have a book going.  I kept a list this year, and 18 books in 12 months sounds pretty good to me, even though I was a lazy bugger all of November and didn't read once (I mean, I read labels and signs and stuff.  I didn't avoid all printed words).

I got a little disappointed earlier this year as well, when I told my mom I was excited about turning 25 because I could be sold on Etsy as an antique.  Then she told me an antique on Etsy only needs to be 20.  There goes that joke, lame 25.  What am I going to do with you now.

So, good friends, family, active readers and lurkers, I hope 2011 wasn't too hard on you, and here's to a totally awesome 2012.

Also, I don't like when soap looks like real food.

Signing off from 2011,



  1. Happy new year!!!! You are awesome. 2012 will be awesomer.

  2. I love your blog and I love reading about your childhood escapades! You're awesome! Happy New Year - I hope 2012 is a fabulous year for you and brings lots of good things!

    PS...If you want to read a fantastic book, go get 11/22/63 by Stephen King. Awesome!

  3. Your 2011 blog posts were fantabulous. You make me giggle like a little kid.

    I just want to know how the heck you are going to top Jesse's birthday gift next year? That was the bestest of the best birthday presents E.V.E.R.!

  4. Hope you have a great 2012!

  5. i love your blog. If you have any good book recommendations let me know. I am forcing myself through the stupidest fantasy series ever to walk the face of the earth, even though I KNOW IT DOESN"T HAVE AN ENDING and it's taking freaking forever for anything to happen and it's rather disgusting and I'm pretty sure the guy who wrote it is a perve, because i need closure. SO please, don't recommend something like that. I need CLOSURE.
    And that is all.
    P.S. Happy New Year. The sandwich pictures are killlllllllling me. Seriously. Awesome.

  6. There is nothing, nothing, I don't love about you. You are such a fabulous girl and someday I hope to meet you and your super cute ass.

    And I too, consistently make a fool of myself. I never thought of it as a learning tool for others. I feel like a superhero now.

  7. haha. I hope you'll write in 2012. Happy New Year, super late.

  8. Have a superty duper new year, twelve! Love you oodles and bunches! You know, I loved at my vents the other day and thought of you. Bah!

  9. I love those pictures at the end. Hilarious! I also scrolled down a bit and found your cat Christmas card with the twinkle in your teeth to be most enjoyable :)

  10. Look at me, sauntering in when 2012 is almost a month old already. Yes, I really do hope 2012 will be better than 2011, which kind of sucked (big time) for me too. It's off to a good start with the my brand new grandboy and the grandgirl who is due. any. minute. Squee!

    Have a great year, Katie!!

  11. oh man, if 20 is antique, I'm nearly doubly antique.. aggh. Looking forward to your next post, it won't feel like the year's started properly without it!

  12. Missing you, today, so I stopped by.

  13. It's almost overwhelming how awesome you are. Miss ya!


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