Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm blue, if I were green I would die, if I were green I would die

With summer vacation finished here in Oregon, I was reminiscing about how I would get all anxious before school started each year.  Primarily, middle school.  I would be all excited because I would have new clothes and get to see my friends again, but middle school is a dog eat dog world.

I was also a little strange which never helped matters.  Let's take a look. 

1.)  In middle school I saw a picture of Vanilla Ice, which should have been my first sign because Vanilla Ice hadn't been popular in ages, but I loved the little cuts he had in his eyebrows. I'm already getting embarrassed.

Oh, the shame.  I cut two little spaces in my eyebrows.  This directly led to my discovery of eyebrow pencils, since I couldn't handle making up terrible lies to my friends about why I had cut my eyebrows, because - shocker - none of them thought it was cool.

2.)  One night I put this little clear round thing over a zit I had on my forehead.  I can't remember what it was called, but you put it on a zit and when you removed it the next morning it was supposed to look better.  All I know is the next day, mid morning, my friend said, "What is THAT?" and I was filled with self-loathing as I peeled it off my face in front of my friends in the hallway.

2.5)  I was home-schooled for about a year and a half in elementary school, and I'm trying to remember if I got as excited before a school year.  I don't remember much about being home-schooled except I once got constipated, and after drinking a bunch of prune juice I still had to work on schoolwork.  Thanks, Mom.

Oh, and just for fun, here's a picture of me shortly after I learned how to pluck my eyebrows:

FUN FACT, this was taken in 8th grade and has the year 2000 written on the back of it, which is the year Jesse graduated from high school.  He used to say, "I wish we could have met when we were younger, in high school."  To which I have said, "You would have been that creepy senior dating an 8th grader."

One more obnoxious comment, I have frogs on my shirt as well as on that hemp necklace I made.  I'm sure all of you remember I also wore a hemp necklace I made in my 6th grade picture that I have posted here.  Crafty like ice is cold.

I tried to look up things that were popular in the year 2000 but I couldn't find a good list and I didn't try that hard.  However, Blue (Da ba dee) was a top 40 hit and Creed still had some songs up there.  Thank goodness that madness is over and now we have Kesha and people who put Lil in from of their name, which I do not understand.  This is really for my friend Brittney, do you remember listening to this song about 700 times at the skating rink in middle school?  Good times, GHETTO SUPERSTAR TIMES.

P.S. Don't you hate it when people post a youtube video and you have to click the link to see it so you know you'll never watch it?

Peace out,

Lil K


  1. Honestly...I clicked on the link and watched the video. I also remember the skating rink, the song(a zillion times), but have never seen the video.
    And oh, the joys of middle school! I don't think I've bought new clothes in 2 years... how sad.

  2. Its like every skate rink had this on replay. I also remember feeling cool while I was roller skating. As if the music driving me made me look cooler that I was just making circles in a group with everyone else.

  3. Hey! I was there for that picture!
    Also, tell jesse to not feel bad. Earl graduated from highschool before we even made it in to middleschool. (can I tell you how much fun this 8 year difference is for me?)

    also - the fact that we've been out of highschool for six years still completely boggles me. Somedays I really miss Miss Lecrenski's Aerobics class with you and Birdy (And the high kicks)

  4. Okay, if Hud and I had gotten together while I was in high school, he would have been a straight out pedophile. He is fourteen years my senior. (!)

    Do I win? And if I do can I have that hemp necklace and frog shirt? I hear they're making a come back!


    and amy, i'm with you, I totally miss aerobics. My favorite was the pony. :D

  6. watched it. Maybe I'll request that when I take the kids to the skating rink this weekend. Think they'll play it? =)

    My kids aren't old enough to figure out skating isn't cool any longer, but the oldest thinks he's cool enough to tell me that the 80's music they play is 'super warped wayback horrible'. I couldn't bring myself to tell him that all they played was made after 2000. No 'disco' as he calls it.

  7. I was so not cool in any school I went to, I was just the funny, pervy chubby chick. Good thing I grew out of...wait....crap. All I did was get older! I call a do over. Or something. And I graduated high school in 1990, so Amy, six years is nothing. Call me when you hit 21 yrs out. THAT is creepy.

  8. The songs that played back when I used to roller skate were Whitney's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" and Paula's "Cold-Hearted Snake." I would listen to them as I clung to the side of rink one full time around. Then I could hear them faintly as I cried, in my socks, all alone in the bathroom. I had two bullies in elementary school. Left roller skate and right roller skate.

  9. a) i remember when frogs were cool like owls are now cool. why are animals a fad thing??

    b) i think it's too hysterical that you shave your eyebrows to look like vanilla ice. that is so incredibly fantastic.

    c) september always feels like new year's to me even more than jan 1 does. probably because most of my life i've either been in school or in education in some form.

    d) steve graduated in 98 ... when i was in eighth grade :)

    e) i agree. i'm blue. if i were green, i would die. those are the lyrics. and they were secretly written by the blue man group. :)

  10. Good night, Nancy! I have no idea what that means, but it just seemed to fit here. If you're feeling like, "Oh, these damn young uns with their Lil' names and their penchant for putting dollar symbols in their name" than I must be Methuselah. Seriously, YOU ARE the young un. And don't you forget it, Missy.

    And I had those very same eyebrows. Not the Vanilla Ice ones, well kind of the Vanilla Ice ones. The first time I went to pluck my eyebrows, I found it to be extremely painful. (Clearly, I had a low tolerance for pain back in the day.) So, I came up with the brilliant idea of shaving a little bit here and there. Well, they kept being uneven and before you know it, I was Miss Half Eyebrow. I learned then the magic of eyebrow pencils.

    As usual, hilarious post. You are a funny, funny girl.

  11. You're welcome, Katie.
    Constipation is not a debilitating disease.
    It can be fixed with prune juice.
    Besides, were you really constipated or did you just not want to do your math?
    Now I have guilt.
    Love, Mom

  12. The last time I was in a roller skating rink was in 1975. Yeah, nobody is cooler (in their mind) than me, skating backwards to "Jive Talkin" by the BeeGees.

    Hated middle school. HATED.

    CGMan is 5 years older than me and I love when he talks about his (stoned) high school days, so I can remind him that I was in 7th grade. Hee!

  13. Hey, wait? Was this new blog design here the other day when I stopped by? I LOVE this look. Really, really love it. Whoever that extraordinary comics person is, they are quite talented. Great job!

  14. Graduated in 2000? what a bunch of babies you are. I'm old enough to be your mommy. Ughhhh.

  15. I remember a lot of Pat Benetar at my local skating rink. And Superfreak. Good times.


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