Monday, October 4, 2010

Lay off me, I'm starving

Weeks and weeks ago, I decided to pick up a couple cheeseburgers from Burgerville.  I love you, Burgerville!

I got these cheeseburgers because Jesse had asked me to pick him up from school that night.  If I don't eat when I'm hungry, I get what's known as Low-Blood-Sugar-Cranky-Butt-Disorder.  It's not pretty.  It wasn't so bad until after we got married.  Turns out when you know the guy is going to stick around, you don't hide the Cranky Butt as much.

Me, while dating:  "Oh no, I can wait another two hours to eat!  No problem!"  sucks in stomach 

Me, while married:  "Well, I SAID I was hungry half an hour ago, so yeah, I'm still hungry WOULD YOU PULL OVER."  Pretty.  Is what it's not.  For the sake of our marriage, I try to eat before I see him if I'm hungry.

Anyway.  Cheeseburgers.  I was eating the first one when I tasted something odd.  Not like, kitchen-cleaner-odd, just food-that-isn't-normally-in-a-burger-odd.  And I sat there for a good 30 seconds to a minute trying to figure out what the flavor was that I was tasting.

Celery, guys.  It was celery.  I can honestly say that with years of mastering the ability to pick green vegetables out of potato salad that I haven't had celery in probably a decade.

(Oh, and on another note?  Jesse had me eat a banana last weekend which was literally the first time I've eaten a banana in it's regular state in at least nine years.  And that is not an exaggeration.  There's a whole uninteresting story behind why I don't eat bananas, but this is not the time.)

So I decided to write that story on a blog I read, and I got such comments as:

"Celery on a burger?!?"

"Who puts CELERY on a hamburger?"

"Celery on a burger? That is just so wrong, I can't even comprehend it."

You may notice not one of those comments said anything about my ATROCIOUS DIET.  Hi, mom.

Okay, cat:

Aaaaand we have a new follower.  Sandra with Absolutely Narcissism!  Thank you for encouraging me to think the world needs my blog fodder.  Fodddd-eeeerrrrrrr.


  1. Ah. That is such a cute photo of Cinnamon!

  2. The Dutch bro's cup in the back is tempting me.
    And yes everyone you do not wanna see Katie when she's hungry! Its the only time I feel fear.:)

  3. I am with Sue, I LOVE that picture of Cinnamon. It's all.. artsy. Lovely. :)

    And also, I'm with you on the anti-celery front. Ick :x

  4. Well, in the Internet's defense celery on a burger is weird (even for Burgerville) and it just seemed more polite to point that out than the fact you had multiple cheeseburgers. However, they are small so I could see how a person might need more than one. I prefer to supplement my burger habit with seasonal milkshakes. :)

  5. Celery doesn't belong on a burger. Pickles, yes, lettuce, yes, tomato, yes. Those are all acceptable things to adorn a burger according to personal taste. Celery shouldn't be an option.

  6. What's wrong with celery on a burger? Although, I prefer celery IN my burger.
    And, just for the record, you're allergic to bananas. And milk. It cost me $216 to find that out. And yes, I'm counting....

  7. I'm sure if you tipped Continential Spring Vegetable soup into your mince when making rissoles for hamburgers you may possibly come across other vegetables such as capsicum, beans and onion. Of course, they would be a little dehydrated ....

  8. I have the same disorder. My husband now knows it...and cheeseburger is the only cure!!!


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