twelvedaysold: Who is she? Computer tells all!

I am Katie:

And this is me, my husband and son:

Just kidding, that's my dad and nephew.  But that'd be weird, right?  No?  It's my dad, so it's weird.

My husband is actually this guy:

He's going to college studying animation and graphic design and you can find his art blog here.  Being an animation major means that most the decorations in our house are comic book covers and comic book montages.  It happens.

We don't have kids, but we do have my 16 year old cat.  If there are any 8 year olds out there reading this, and you are begging your parents for an animal, think twice.  Do you want to be taking care of that same animal when you are 25?  By that time you will have no choice because you are emotionally invested.  Please think about that, 8 year old readers.

This is Cinnamon.

And since I decided to wreck our first brand new car in August 2010, here is Evan.  Yes, he is in my 'about me' section, because, did you read we don't have kids yet?

Between us, Jesse and I have owned three (3) Ford Escorts, so having this nice of a car is a big deal. 

Thanks for reading my about me section.  My blog is not very interesting unless you enjoy stalking other people's cats.  It also has many stories that involve too much information and things that make you go, "Huh, that's awkward."  And maybe some knitwear and crafts in there, too.  But I make no promises.

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