Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby, when I met you for the first time I knew. We were meant to be as oooooone.

Jesse said he'll always remember the fateful day we met.  Love at first sight, he says.  He knew he would be adopting me and giving me my "forever home".

And it looks like I was on sale.

You know, it's my behavior in pictures like this that made my mother hate it when my dad and I were together in public.  Something about being immature.  Or something.  Waa waaaa.

I'm still saving up my pennies to buy a bike, but I want you to know that that cute husband of mine totally tried to get me to buy a bike online with a CREDIT CARD.  I know, right?!  This guy!

Annie, who is a dedicated follower, yet I have never mentioned her before because I'm a horrible person, sent me this beauty.

Not like, sent me a bike, but sent me a link.  It's the thought that counts, really.  I mean, look at it.  My gosh, it's gorgeous.

An old friend from high school is now following me, and his name is Alex.  Alex and I went to his junior prom together, where he very romantically said something like, "I need a date to prom.  Can you come?"  I'm going to find the picture from that prom and post it, and Susan is already giggling because my feet look funny in that picture.  Actually, I just realized that my date to my senior prom was equally as wooed by me as I was wooed by Alex when I said to him, "Sean, I need someone taller than me to be my date to prom.  Want to be my date?"  A way with words, we have.

And a pretty girl named Megan is following me.  I do not know anything about her.  So let's make something up.  Megan is from Idaho, yet she's been spending the last three years in Paraguay finding herself.  She had a short romantic interest in handsome Andrès, a doctor.  Things fizzled out towards the end, what with him being a busy doctor and her teaching children English.  But recently she found Louis, a Scottish biologist who was spending a vacation in Paraguay after grad school.  He just went back to Scotland, and Megan is trying to get back in the states so she can get things arranged to move out to the UK.  Because, guess what?  Even though they only knew each other three weeks, they're engaged!  Oh it's so exciting.  The lives my followers lead.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

They see me rollin', they hatin'.

I have a new follower!  Katie at The Philosphy of KLo.  Except my name is already Katie, so I'm going to call her something else.  Like Shannon.  Welcome, Shannon!

I definitely don't have anything exciting to share, so I will talk to you about how I want a new bike.

"Shocks, pegs...lucky!"

Why don't they make adult bikes with a banana seat?

I'm actually looking for something more like this because I'm a boring grown up:

Except in some gaudy, hideous color because that's what I like.  What I'm really here to talk about though, is how I feel like a kid because I'm saving up for a bike.  Do you know how long it's been since I saved up for something?  We're staying away from using credit cards because I'm planning a gargantuan road trip later this year and don't care for that looming thing known as a credit card payment.  Thorn in my side.

I've been saving up whatever outside money I can (not dipping into our weekly budget) for my sweet new ride, including a $15 check from Washington county for my jury duty service.  I'm still waiting for a rebate check from my windshield wipers.  If that last sentence doesn't sound like the epitome of what every teenager never wants to talk about when they become an adult, then I just don't know what does.

I'm also doing something I loathe, which is selling things on Craigslist.  Or, more accurately, putting things on Craigslist and nobody buying them.  I'm not selling my garbage or anything, it's just becoming painfully obvious that me (the seller) and Craigslist viewers (the buyer) have something in common:  neither of us want those dishes.

Here is a photo of my large head and my unnecessary urge to smile as large as I can in photos.  Oh, and Jesse.

Oh, right, JESSE!  For those of you interested, a while back we found out Jesse has type 2 diabetes, and we went in for his follow up blood test two days ago.  His blood sugars are reeeally close to pre-diabetic levels!  This is really great news.  And, we have not spent any quality time with Jillian Michaels lately, either.  That means we've been terrible about exercising.  Just imagine what he could accomplish with his blood sugars if we actually started exercising.  He could be a hero.  He could go from diabetic to SUPER HUMAN.  Or maybe just a fit guy.

Stay classy,

Katie Westside