Friday, January 7, 2011

Diabeetus and what do you mean I want compliments on my new design?

A few months ago we decided to get Jesse a life insurance policy.  The insurance company sent someone out to give Jesse a blood test.  The test came back showing that his blood sugars were way high.

And that's how we found out about his

Seeing as he's only 28, it probably would have been a long time until we found out about the diabetes unless we tried to get that insurance policy.  So, kind of depressing, but at the same time, kind of deblessing.  A blessing.  I was trying to rhyme, I don't think it worked.  And because I'm sure you're dying to know, he's not on any medication as of yet because he's got time to try and keep it under control with diet and exercise.  Which, what marriage weight gain?  And, here's something depressing.  His goal weight?  Is twenty pounds less than what I weigh right now.  Oh, excuse me, that sound was me suppressing a sob while horking down a candy bar.

In non-diabetic news, we have Amy, to whom I am the biggest fan, who is having a giveaway for copies of her currently unpublished book.  Being a biggest fan has its privileges (meaning I've read the book) and I LOVE this book.  LOVE LOVE LOVE. You should try to get a copy.  If you want.  No pressure.  Here's the link.

Also, we have two new followers here at the twelvedaysold!  Fourth Daughter, author of Style Wilderness is up first.  She lives in Australia which we all know means she's fabulous.  It also means I have even more questions about Oz that I have to ask NessaKnit because I'm a silly American and needy.

And then Mrs. Tuna has made an appearance!  Her blog is hilarious, and includes recipes in every post.  Her blog incorporates two of my favorite things:  laughing and eating.  If only I could get a nap in there and it would be the perfect blog.  With cats and puppies.  And instead of cooking could we just get Taco Bell?

And here is rude Cinnamon being rude.

Jesse had taken off this jacket for like a second in between taking out the trash and who knows what other chore I had him do, and Cinnamon crawled up there and got all indignant on us when we kicked him off.  Like he'd been there for hours or something.  Start paying rent, cat.

(Also, please notice the very cute artwork of Extra Ordinary as my new header.  She is SO CUTE.  And her and her man are creepily similar to Jesse and I.  Like this comic.  I guess I just called myself cute.)