Friday, January 7, 2011

Diabeetus and what do you mean I want compliments on my new design?

A few months ago we decided to get Jesse a life insurance policy.  The insurance company sent someone out to give Jesse a blood test.  The test came back showing that his blood sugars were way high.

And that's how we found out about his

Seeing as he's only 28, it probably would have been a long time until we found out about the diabetes unless we tried to get that insurance policy.  So, kind of depressing, but at the same time, kind of deblessing.  A blessing.  I was trying to rhyme, I don't think it worked.  And because I'm sure you're dying to know, he's not on any medication as of yet because he's got time to try and keep it under control with diet and exercise.  Which, what marriage weight gain?  And, here's something depressing.  His goal weight?  Is twenty pounds less than what I weigh right now.  Oh, excuse me, that sound was me suppressing a sob while horking down a candy bar.

In non-diabetic news, we have Amy, to whom I am the biggest fan, who is having a giveaway for copies of her currently unpublished book.  Being a biggest fan has its privileges (meaning I've read the book) and I LOVE this book.  LOVE LOVE LOVE. You should try to get a copy.  If you want.  No pressure.  Here's the link.

Also, we have two new followers here at the twelvedaysold!  Fourth Daughter, author of Style Wilderness is up first.  She lives in Australia which we all know means she's fabulous.  It also means I have even more questions about Oz that I have to ask NessaKnit because I'm a silly American and needy.

And then Mrs. Tuna has made an appearance!  Her blog is hilarious, and includes recipes in every post.  Her blog incorporates two of my favorite things:  laughing and eating.  If only I could get a nap in there and it would be the perfect blog.  With cats and puppies.  And instead of cooking could we just get Taco Bell?

And here is rude Cinnamon being rude.

Jesse had taken off this jacket for like a second in between taking out the trash and who knows what other chore I had him do, and Cinnamon crawled up there and got all indignant on us when we kicked him off.  Like he'd been there for hours or something.  Start paying rent, cat.

(Also, please notice the very cute artwork of Extra Ordinary as my new header.  She is SO CUTE.  And her and her man are creepily similar to Jesse and I.  Like this comic.  I guess I just called myself cute.)


  1. darn cute is what that header is. you are too. and my brother, who has always outweighed me by at least 100lbs came home for christmas weighing 4lbs less. pass me some of that candy bar.

  2. Thanks for the Plug Katie!

    Your new blog layout is adorable with a captial K! I love the kittenzez and the smokey-looking tree.

    And I do think that Cinnamon should start paying rent! I've been trying to convince Lucy to at least start doing chores... she always comes up with excuses like being too short or not having opposable thumbs... animals, sheesh!

  3. Isn't it obvious by now that we're Cinnamon's slaves. Oh and you forgot to tell them about my super hi tech blood sugar tester. Poking your finger with a needle has never seemed so cool.

  4. Kittens in clouds, what more could you want. Aside from Taco Bell, that is...

  5. Hey now, thanks for the kuddos. You should look at some of the other posts I have, the theme of the blog is to minimize how much time I actually have to spend in the kitchen. I'll put my thinking cap on and see if I can come up with a diabetic friendly recipe.

  6. great links here

  7. Your new header is pure awesomeness.

    I have unsolicited advice...I know your doctor knows best but, my suggestion is to see a nutritionist. At least once. It will take all the confusion out of carb counting and helps with grocery shopping and meal planning.

    They could probably even tell you what you could get at Taco Bell.

  8. Gosh your follow up was pretty lenghty, glad to let you get it off your chest.

  9. I am so sorry about the diabetes. I do so believe in exercise. If i miss a day, I can feel it through my bones. And the great thing about working out, you really don't have to watch what you eat. Okay enough of the workout cheerleader.

    I LOVE the new blog design. So pretty!

    And I still want to put that snuggly kitty on my head as a way cool hat.

    And who loves the Amy Girl? Me, that's who. I'm going to shout her out in my next post.

  10. I love the new layout. Totally cute!

  11. LOVE the header. It goes well with 'twelvedaysold', even though I'm STILL trying to figure out what that means!

  12. I like the new look of your blog!

    When my husband had to get a physical for life insurance, they found prostate cancer. It's all gone now, but he still can't get life insurance for 5 years. So I keep him nice and healthy!

  13. EEEEeeeeep spring-loaded needles are terrifying to me. Hey, Bill F. put together a blog about controlling his diabetes through diet and exercise. he posts it on FB all the time.

  14. I do like your new design. And congrats on the new followers!

    Sorry to hear about Jesse, but glad you caught it.

    Jesse, exercise is a good start, but start out slow. Don't hurt yourself right away and then not want to do it anymore. Come visit me in Cincinnati and I will get you started. And maybe less sugar. Read the packages. Do not take diabetes for granted. My brother gets to wear this cool insulin pump every day. While it is way cooler than you tester thingy, it can also be a pain in the arse.

  15. Diabetes sucks. I'm sorry you guys have to deal with that.

    And I said this once already, but I'll say it again. I LOVE your new blog layout, really!

  16. Floating kittens on your header? WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE, I ASK YOU?

    And yes, you are cute.

    And try to eat clean. Once you get the sugars and fats out of your system, you will crave the crappy junk food less, I swear. Terra is 62 and takes no meds after we started doing it. The docs were very impressed with both of our numbers. Drilled me for twenty minutes at my physical over what in the heck we were doing to pull those numbers.

    Sorry for hijacking. :P

  17. oh! thank you for the mention! Yes, all Australians are fabulous, haha... fire away with the questions!
    You are lucky you found out about the diabetes early. As I mentioned, my dad has it too but he doesn't take any medicine or anything for it, just controls it with exercise and eating the right things. There's heaps of diabetic-friendly food around now. You'll probably get lots of info from your GP but for staple foods, use sweet potato, basmati rice, couscous, porridge and bread with low GI rather than normal potatoes, brown or white rice etc. I'm not an expert at all but having to help my dad means I probably know a bit more than the average person.

  18. LOVE the new header!

    Sorry about the diabeetus. Like Steve said, thankfully you caught it early and that it should be treatable with diet and exercise. Plus, perhaps Jesse can take over the diabeetus spokesperson job from that guy on Cocoon (if it hasn't been snatched up already. It's probably a hot commodity).

  19. working out is good for you---and if he can get things under control w/o having to have insulin shots??? HOORAY! diabetes runs in my family, and i already have thyroid issues, so i think i'm at increased risk. so i work out and try to watch what i eat.....

    love the cat on the jacket---our mini poodle does stuff like that all the time. only he's so cute we can't really get mad at him!

  20. Your new design is really pretty! love the kitties and color pencil. Diabettus is no fun, that's for sure. :(But at least there's a humorous commercial reference for a fun pronunciation! Love the pic of Cinnamon. Enjoy your day!

  21. Exercise is huge. I was diagnosed about 9 years ago, and let me tell you, the huge difference in blood sugar readings on exerciseless days.
    Scary, and I always think of that.

    GOOD LUCK! So glad you caught everything early.

  22. So sorry for your husband!

    Love the cat photo. :-) Those little buggers know how to live!


  23. Sorry about Jesse's news. Well, the good news is that diabetes is manageable, and he's so young, so it's all about healthy lifestyle choices (sorry, the nurse in me can't help with the pep talk).
    Your blog looks fantastic!
    And Cinnamon looks like she's not going anywhere!


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