Thursday, October 20, 2011

"There's no crying at Disneyland." -- Jesse Bray

I'm going to talk about something that we seem to think is untalkaboutable.  That subject is:

For our second anniversary, Jesse and I decided to go to Disneyland.  We were flying down on a Tuesday, going to Disneyland on Wednesday, and flying back Thursday.  I especially liked how people asked, "Oh, you're going to Disneyland?  For how many days?"  "Just one."  "You can't just go for one day."  No one seemed interested in dropping an additional $148 for us to visit Disneyland for an extra day and pay for another night at a hotel, so we kept our original plans of a one day visit to Disneyland.  We weren't worried since we didn't have kiddos that couldn't go on rides or we would have to sit out with, etc.  We definitely knocked that place out in one day.

Flare those nostrils, Jesse!  Unfortunately, I wore a skirt that day.  I'm not a big skirt wearer and did not think about my sweaty thighs rubbing together and causing UTTER AND COMPLETE MISERY, and there was a point in front of the haunted mansion where I had to sit down for a second and have myself a little cry.  But if I hadn't had painful red disgusting thighs that day, we wouldn't have spent $40 on sweatpants that have Minnie Mouse on them for me.  I love you, Minnie Mouse sweatpants!  After we bought those and I changed in a disgusting restroom, we continued to have a very nice time and I no longer had to worry about sitting unladylike.

Next up we have Comic Con which I talked about in nauseating detail last year.

Ugh, looking at this picture disgusts me.  Jesse has lost like 40 pounds since he found out about his diabetes.  JESSE.  And your manly METABOLISM.

At one point in vacation time Jesse was saving seats for us in Hall H and I realize this may mean nothing to you, but that place is huge and my phone died when I was supposed to call him and see where he was.  I walked around aimlessly for probably about half an hour and there were NO PAYPHONES ANYWHERE.  I have never needed a payphone before, and suddenly I sorely missed it.  I finally realized I needed to ask someone to use their cellphone.  I shamefully walked around sizing people up to see who I should ask.  I decided on asking one of the Sailor Moons if I could use hers, and called my husband.  He told me where he was and I found him in Hall H and by the time I got to him I was a bit WEEPY, gosh Katie is such a GIRL, and Jesse got me nachos to make me feel better and this is literally a shot of me at the end of crying.

Post-crying Katie!  So refreshed and nachoed!

Which brings us to this year when we were in Phoenix last month.  YES THERE WERE TEARS, calm down, I'm not crying anymore.  I vaguely mentioned that I had us walk in the wrong direction for approximately a mile while trying to get to the car rental place.  The sad thing was, we took a bus, got off at the stop, walked a while, Jesse realized I had us going the wrong way, we turned around, and slowly I began to see that the bus had stopped us right in front of where we needed to be to get the car.  In 103 degree heat after walking for some time, Katie had a wittle bit of a meltdown, which was so super sexy, you should have seen it.  I was embarrassed and had a tiny bit of the heatstroke malfunctioning my inhibition unit which usually makes me refrain from crying.  I stopped by the time we were inside but by then the waterworks of my sweat glands on my FACE were going for a good 45 minutes trying to both cool me off and dehydrate me at the same time.  I guess I don't have a picture for this instance.


  1. HEY! THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!!! So I'm glad you didn't get emotional at the D-Backs game (which we subsequently made you walk a mile and a half back to the apartment frome.... oops!)

    I'm a strong believer that there is nothing wrong with crying as an adult. Evem if it
    is om vacation.

  2. Naaachoed! You're such a cutie!

  3. I cried at Disneyland. I cried because I missed the fireworks. I was pregnant, exhausted, and wearing uncomfortable shoes.
    I also made the mistake of wearing a skirt.
    My oldest son wet his pants in line for Toy Story. My youngest was only interested in riding Winnie The Pooh.
    I guess it really is the happiest place on earth.

  4. Weird, for me, a trip to Disneyland isn't complete without crying as I ride around in circles in "It's a small world".

  5. I HATE it when you cry. So sad.
    Disneyland had disgusting restrooms? Tell me it ain't so!

  6. I am crying at the mere THOUGHT of having to go to any Disney theme park. The crowds would skeeve me out completely.

    Too bad you didn't know my friend RJ who goes with his daughter every year. Remember? They were the ones with faux eyeball tattoos all over their bodies.

  7. Whaaaattttt? You were in Phoenix and you didn't even call?

  8. Wait, what? There's no crying in Disney? But I do it. All. The Time.

    And I do mean, All. The. Time.

    Because Disney is a place meant for tears. From the sweaty, pushy foreign tourist and their lack of a sense of personal space, to the lines, to the "It's A Small World" tune that will never, ever leave your brain, once you've been exposed to its ruthless cheesiness, to the countless children having screaming meltdowns because their parents have spent the college tuition nest egg on a Disney vacation and "BY GOD, WE ARE GOING TO GET OUR MONEY'S WORTH AND SEE EVERYTHING!" to the fact that a mouse, a rodent, represents the happiest place on earth and did I mention the sweaty, pushy foreigners?

    Oh no, my friend, Disney is meant for tears. This from a girl with annual passes. At least, here in Florida, we have Epcot, my saving grace. They have wine there and French cheese and I can endure everything if I have those two things.

    You are so absolutely funny. And I'm a crier, too, by the way. Everything feels better after a little meltdown.

  9. Welcome to the meltdowner club. I do it all the time. All. The. Time.

    P.S. Totally what Joann said.

  10. Everyone needs a good cry now and then--kind of like a "reset" button for the heart.

    I found your blog through AB Keuser's bookself blog.

  11. Ah, always so much to enjoy in your posts even if crying is involved. Just wanted to let you know I still am reading, even though not commenting much... stupid work computer won't let me comment on blogspot blogs! (It must think I'll be more productive if I can't comment?? It's wrong, by the way)

  12. there's a website called that would beg to differ

  13. Oh my gosh, littlejohn, that website is HILARIOUS.

  14. The picture of you with nachos post cry is awesome. Totally cracked me up!

  15. My parents took us to Disney World, once, when I was in college and my brother was in high school. We were walking by a bench when we heard a dad say to his bawling fourish-year-old: "I paid a lot of money to bring you here, and you're going to ride this ride and LIKE IT." We still laugh about it. Sorry for your tears...glad for your nacho- and sweat-pants-buying man.


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