Friday, January 8, 2010

Sweater vest, Sneezing.

Oh lawd, help me not to lust over someone else's talent with this sweater.  When will I be that great - nay, brilliant - with my knitting?  I think one thing that would help would be to not go rollerblading and ruin my elbow, which directly affects knitting.  Like, check this out, hey Susan, it was your birthday on Wednesday, is your scarf done?  Answer:  NO.

So, let's say this guy:

is sleeping on your lap.  Suddenly you feel the need to sneeze.  You sneeze, and he will give you the dirtiest look (HOW DARE YOU SNEEZE IN HIS PRESENCE) and if he's laying on your chest, he'll jump off of you after giving you the dirty look.

Which leads to Suki:

Neither of us had sneezed with her sitting on us yet.  Last night I was laying on the couch playing mario on my DS and she got right on up and snuggled on my chest.  So! Cute!  I mean, Cinnamon does it all the time, but if Suki wants to cuddle, it's an honor.  In the middle of world 5, level 3, I sneezed.  Which caused Suki to apparently be the most afraid she's ever been and she clamped her paws (claws out and ready for damage) on either side of my face, hissed at me and jumped off.  I layed there stunned.  Who does that?  Who is so afraid of a sneeze to ATTACK AND RUN?  This coming from the cat who jumped up on the couch when Jesse pulled out the cushions, and didn't make a peep when he was pushing the cushion back in with most of his body weight, trying to figure out why it wasn't fitting correctly.

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