Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas and birthday fun.

Did you hear it was Christmas last week?  DID YOU HEAR THAT?

Considering how stressed out I was that I didn't get anything I wanted to get finished, finished, the man and I had an excellent Christmas this year.  Jesse and I made out with some great gifts, including these new gems for Jesse from my folks:

To which Bracken came over last night and told Brittney: "I want those.  No, I want those exact ones."  So, to Mom and Dad: well played.

Then late Christmas night (also early birthday morning), I opened up my presents from Jesse for my birthday.  He got me the most AMAZING interchangeable knitting needle set (what am I, 60?) and a TWENTY FIVE DOLLAR skein of yarn for making myself a pair of socks.  It's so delicious and amazing, and a huge step above my usual "We're going to Michael's to buy 2 skeins of $4 yarn and you have to use a 40% off coupon and buy one for me and go down the other cashier's aisle."

So my birthday day rolls around and I had the greatest idea of going roller skating with my friends.  I won't go too into detail of how much fun we had, but I'll share the only photos Jesse had on his phone.  One "during" and a few "after" photos:

Yes that's right, there was a picture of me in a sling at the Spaghetti Factory from Monday night.  Roger was also there (pictured), but more importantly, I'M IN A SLING.  I can build it up all I want online, but really it didn't hurt at all, I just couldn't move it more than 6 inches.  The picture of my elbow is from this morning.  Which, this is where I give a big thumbs up to my left hand.

Left Hand, I've always treated you badly.  I've always said you were no good to me except to hold things so Right Hand could poke at them.  But you really stepped it up this week while the other arm was on vaca.  Thanks, Left Hand.  I know when I can finally extend the other arm all the way, I'll probably forget about you all over again, but know that we had a very special week together.  And can you believe what Right Hand said at that party?  She made a fool of herself!


  1. I'd be waaaay more concerned about what Right Hand DID at the party, rather than what she SAID at the party.


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