Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My prostate is doing great, thanks for asking.

We had an ant problem last week.  I don't want to talk about it.  But the issue has subsided quite a bit.  I knew you would all be concerned.  Which, you should have been.  Ants aren't good for a marriage.  But Nutella is.  Things tense between you and the spouse?  Go ahead.  Buy a can.  You can spare the $3.72.

Soooooo, the Pioneer Woman came to Portland last night!  She's promoting her cook book. It was pretty great.  She said I have really pretty eyes!!

No, she didn't, but I'm sure she would have had there not been one million people (read: women) about ready to stampede over every other woman and infant there to kiss her on the face.  I tried to walk around some women to get a picture of her signing books (from behind the crowd of people waiting) before we left and I wasn't even getting close to the line, but those women were ready to take me OUT if I got near them.  They were not having it.  She's, of course, much prettier in person and has a very sweet personality.  Which I already knew.  See above eye comment.

The weather is finally nice, says Katie while it is cloudy outside.  But it was better this last weekend.  Which means we open the back door curtains all the time.  Which means Cinnamon no longer meows at the front door when he's ready to come in, but he does this:

For literally HOURS at a time.  Hours!  He's saying, "Why won't you let me in!  This is the only door!" because he is a cat and turns stupid when the sun is out.  He just stares at you and stares at you, and I just yell at him, "Go to the front door where I am not as lazy, cat."

Okay, so this one, aside from being extra adorable, is funny.  I don't know if you can really tell, but Suki is shooting a look over at Cinnamon that exactly states, "I hate that guy."  And of course Cinnamon needed a good stretch after looking up a word in the dictionary and then reading it for half an hour.  Riveting.


  1. Hahahahahahahaha Oh my gosh! Cinnamon looks like a total peeping tom!
    By the way, you do have gorgeous eyes. Didnt you ever wonder why I gave them to Thomias?!? (you may put that in your memoirs. you're eyes were the inspiration for those of a fictional character in a (as of yet) unpublished novel.

  2. I love, love, love that photo of Cinnamon at the back door. He does that at my back door sometimes.

  3. Cinnamon does that at MY back door at least 7 hours a day now. How weird is that?
    And just when we think he's Out and About, he's sitting at other people's doors watching.

  4. Okay so you failed to mention the dancing grandma with the infant on her shoulders. And how every time you tried to get a decent photo of the Pioneer woman that stupid grandma swung her baby in the shot.

    Also, what was with the Powell's employee milking the stage time when it was obvious people could care less. It's like come on guy, this is worse then leaping into other peoples' photos.

  5. You are such a riot!! You do have some gorgeous eyes. I'm sure that's why those ladies were being mean to you. Nobody likes the hot chicks.


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