Monday, April 12, 2010

A niece and nephews and cat gagging.

The other night I was trying to go to sleep when I heard a horrid gagging sound outside the bedroom door.  Suki was having quite the hangover.  So what did she do?  She spit up all over my work shoe.  Not that I only have one work shoe.  I tried to walk over to her and she moved away.  Now, did she then puke somewhere on the sea of carpet?  No no no.  She puked all over Jesse's jeans.  At least Cinnamon has the decency to take care of that outside.  Except for the time SOMEone fed him a french fry and he pooped on my sandal. 

Anyway, Suki did that thing that people do when they have finished throwing up and just stare at one part of the wall trying to gain some composure and think happy thoughts.  "Treats, think of treats.  Wait, don't think of food.  Think of how much you love scratching the couch and kicking cat litter everywhere."

My nephew turned 13 on St. Patrick's Day (how long has it been since I blogged?):

And he showed us his mad juggling skills.  However, it was my mom's house, so we had to be creative with juggling the bowling pins.

Jesse and I took the other nephew and niece out on Saturday for what we hoped would be the zoo, but it was too gloomy and gross.  So we went to the Children's Museum and did stuff kids do.  Which apparently means carrying everyone's coats and taking pictures.  Oh, I didn't have to carry the coats?  Lucky me.

Here are pictures of the cats:

Doesn't Cinnamon look like he's ready for a treat?  This is not his treat face.  His treat face is pacing between your legs and non-stop meowing.  And I was in the bathroom when I took this picture anyway, so let's hope he wasn't begging for a treat.  Tmi?

Here is an interesting read.  Jesse, I'll be buying you your own knitting needles soon.


  1. Thank you for satiating my hunger for brains... wait, I mean Blogs.
    Love you and your cats. Muah!
    I think you should definitely get Hubby McRedBeard knitting!

  2. Hey! You're back! Loved your photos. Those kids are so cute.

  3. Your mom's house is way interesting. And what is up with Cinnamon and all the great poses? He's becoming quite the model in his old age.


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