Monday, February 1, 2010

Hank, Hanks, Shower, Confession.

I know, I know.  "Where have you been, Katie?"  Well, there's someone new in my life.  Someone I'd like you to meet.  Internet, meet Hank:

Oh, Hank.  Stop that.  You're making me blush.

I was thinking about it, and I don't think we have any pictures of the truck.  The truck was a very sturdy '92 Toyota pickup.  And we both hated it.  It's been a long haul, especially for Jesse (it was given to him 4 years ago), and after our car accident (2+ years ago), the truck was the only car we had.  I tried to be grateful for the truck.  And that's what I kept telling myself, JUST BE GLAD YOU HAVE A CAR.  But I was ungrateful.  And when we realized that we could afford a new car, we abandoned him in the parking lot of the Kia dealership faster than we could say "sayonara".  I'm sorry, truck.  I mean, not really, but kinda.

And not that this is relevant at all, but this little piece of crap kept me from taking a shower this morning:

Right in the corner!  He knew I wouldn't disturb him that far above the tub.  He was trying to lure me to my death trying to kill it.  I took a picture with the flash on our new camera that turned out so good I had to delete it and take one without the flash.  I wanted to throw up on the screen.  But you know what, spider?  You know what?  You have an appointment with the vacuum cleaner later tonight.  That's right, I'll be seeing you at death o'clock.  I don't take having to wash my hair in the sink lightly.

Yesterday my amazing, wonderful, loving husband bought me some more beautiful yarn.

I ended up carrying it around the rest of the day because it just felt so pretty.  And so you know what happened in my dreams?  My amazing, wonderful, loving husband was knitting gloves with my yarn! How DARE he!  The jealousy, the rage.  I got over it (maybe), but it did make me work more on my sock cuff with the birthday yarn he got me.  With all that time I saved not having to take a shower I just stood in front of the sink knitting.  With all that lovely yarn in the house I have to use it up to make sure he doesn't knit something before I do.  Nevermind that he has no idea what I'm doing.  One more row, one more row.

There's something I've been avoiding talking about.  Yes, Susan.  It's about you.  You know how I was going to finish that scarf of yours over a week ago?  You know what happened?  I ran out of yarn right here:


In case you can't tell, that sucker just needs to be made into a tip and that's it.  The heartache.  You readers cannot imagine, unless this exact thing has happened to you.  

Oh my.  It's so frustrating.  I realized what I did wrong, and yes, I learned to always buy a little more than I think I'll need.  The order comes in tomorrow.  Oh, I just realized I didn't say why this predicament is SO frustrating.  I, like a dummy, used different yarn than the pattern called for, and didn't check the yardage.  I've already had to order twice as much yarn because I bought 50g balls instead of 100g.


  1. Ah, it's alright Katie. It looks fabulous!! I can't wait to finally get it.

  2. Don't let her off so easy Susan. Katie must be PUNISHED!


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