Thursday, February 11, 2010

Karma Police, Craft Night, Granddaughter.

Yesterday was the third installment of the new and improved (okay, just new) Craft Night!  Only two of the three original members were in attendance, but that's more than half so it's not bad.

Brittney at said Craft Night:

Remember that scarf I was supposed to be making for Susan?  For her birthday last month?  I WEAVED IN THE ENDS. (craftster link - leave comments if you have a profile there.  I'm desperate for attention.)





It's gorgeous.  And when held length-wise it goes from the floor up to Jesse's shoulders (he's 6').  It's huge!  I really want to make one for myself now.  But you know, I get distracted:


Hence the Karma Police reference.  What goes around comes back around.  I put Susan's scarf on top of some books on our bookshelf and left it there for over a week when all it needed was to have the ends weaved in.  And then I started that hat.  And got really really far into that hat.  So you know what happened?  DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED, INTERNET?  Of course you do, because I know you're the one who tricked me into not taking my own advice (after having to order more yarn twice for Susan's scarf).  I ran out of yarn not 5 rows after I took that picture.

The good news?  I'm a granddaughter now.  That's right!  I sent a letter off to Brittney's nana to apply to be a granddaughter.  I typed up a resume.  I hand wrote a cover letter.  I got a letter of recommendation (thanks Judi!).  Was it worth it?* 

(For the record, I attempted to format my original resume from Google Docs so my 9 readers could see it.  Google Docs and I are not speaking right now.  Pretend you saw it.  I talked about how I peed in a heater vent one time.  Maybe twice.)


This is her reply.  The glorious white scrap paper is covering MY NANA'S (oh yes) full name and address.  Did I do good Nana (click on the picture)?


  1. I'm kind of depressed now. I still don't have a Nana. Although Ken's mom really likes me, but she is more like a mom's age and I already have a mom. Ah, the curse of early death due to heart disease and cancer really ruined my grandma chances.

  2. I love the second picture of jesse in the scarf. He looks like a beast. It's awesome!

  3. Where the heck were you for craft night? A train station? Or some such place?


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