Monday, February 22, 2010

Knitting, Road Trip, Libary.

I want to share how ridiculous my local library is (yes mom, I spelled it wrong in the title on purpose. I mean porpoise).  I searched their website for "secret life of a knitter" (shut up about what I was searching for).  And this appeared:

Searching for: secret life of a knitter  No titles found (0 hits)   Did you mean secret life of ah knitter?

Get that?  Of AH knitter?  Strange, I think to myself.  I was almost positive that it was the regular "a" not "ah", spelled out phonetically.  Now, correct me if I'm wrong (no), but usually those prompts are there because they know something I don't know.  They're all in their database like "This chick is CRAZY.  Doesn't she know it's Ah Knittah?  Sucka."  So I click "secret life of ah knitter" like they want me to:

Searching for: secret life of ah knitter  No titles found (0 hits)

Now that's service.

I haven't blogged in a while.  And I had all these ideas to blog about and it became TOO MANY IDEAS for how long it's been so here's a recap.

I made Jesse a hat the weekend before last (cast on Friday night, weaved in the ends on Sunday afternoon):

Brittney, Susan and I had our craft night last week with all original members:


Jesse and I went on a road trip down the coast and then spent the weekend at Judi and Darin's last Friday:

And we did what we did best.  We ate, drank, and were awkward.  As follows:

And unfortunately while we were in Blind George's getting ice cream, I saw this:

That is a genuine play from Coos Bay.  Coos Bay is known for many great things, such as Prefontaine, Katie Williams-Baxter-Williams-Bray-Blom, and, apparently, that play.  It was in the discounted $1 section, and after holding it for a second I put it back and got ice cream instead.  And am I the only one who noticed what their initials spelled?

Moving on...

Having a Nana is awesome.  I don't think I've been the best granddaughter yet, but Hank has been making me go out so much lately.  See her Valentine gifts to me:

"But Katie!  What about the cats!"  Avast ye, hordes.  Here are pictures from the cats just tonight.  A very chic photo of Cinnamon, and a classic example of how Suki needs to be touching one of us at all times.


  1. Jesse's hat turned out great. Awesome job!!

  2. I also like jesse's hat. very stylish. I bet bracken would like something like that come christmas time... :D


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