Monday, December 13, 2010

The children were nestled all snug in their beds

While visions of sugar plums (and apparently Taco Bell) danced in their heads.

Merry Christmas!

I have two extra Christmas cards set aside for my blog followers, if you are so inclined to receiving mail from strange people on the internet.  To be eligible, please paste the word Fahrvergügen in your comment.


  1. Fahrvergügen

    I totally owe you an email. I'll send you our Christmas card!

  2. Such a cute picture :)

    I better not have to put that silly word in my comment for you! I put it in a novel for you! That should earn me perminant Holiday list status! :P

    Glad to se you posted more than once this month... ;)

  3. Fahrvergügen.

    I want it. It proves my self worth to know that people I've never met send me mail. ;)

  4. aw man, i'm too late! shucks! :)

    but the card is super fun :)

  5. You're like the worst twins ever!

  6. i Fahrvergügen can't Fahrvergügen believe that you Fahrvergügen are giving the Fahrvergügen Christmas cards away. Fahrvergügen

  7. I'll Fahrvergügen anytime, anywhere. LOL

  8. Fahrvergügen

    And yes, I pasted it because there is no way I could spell that kind of nonsense.

    And don't even talk to me about the Christmas cards. I've got them done, but have I licked one stamp or address label? No, I have not. Tis the season to be stressed!

  9. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Kids!!

    What's that from? I love that card, it is so cute!! I hope you are saving one for your scrap books. Those will be so fun to look at when we are in the retirement home together.

  10. Garfield!!!!! Binky the clown, course. By the way, Ken parent's got a kick out of the card too. They are SO cute!!


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