Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas cards from strangers and I made a hat.

Yaaaaaay!  Duffylou is now following me!  Duffy, I'm stoked you're following me.  She's a Bye Bye, Pie junkie as well.  Good times.  Yeah.  Am I still typing?

The wieners of our Christmas cards are modeled by the very enthusiastic CinnaVanna White.

Annie and The Furry Godmother!

And I'm going to be honest, guys.  Even though she Fahrvergügened and wasn't chosen, Joann is already getting a Christmas card.  She won a postcard when I went to Comic Con, so she's already on The List.  Same as Amy.  And even though Target Steve never comments anymore, he's getting one.  If you win something here, apparently you win forever.  Which is weird because why am I so excited to send strangers mail?

And now for the weather, here's Jesse.

"Looks chilly out there Jesse, is that right?"

"Oh yes it is.  You may not need an umbrella, but it's a little nippy and you may want to wear a hat.  Just like the hat my wife just finished for me."

"Well, my, what an excellent job she did!  And I bet she's just chomping at the bit for people to visit her craftster link and leave a comment!"

"Oh, she is!  Back to you, Katie."

And now, for the very patient NessaKnit (thanks for being so nice).  What seems like a long, long time ago, NessaKnit had a giveaway on her blog for a vintage knitting pattern book, and I won!  Pictures.

She was just supposed to send a vintage book, but she sent all sorts of goodies!  Like this Surprise Yarn.  Which is now a Surprise cowl (craftster link).

And here's Cinnamonster being Santa's little helper while I was wrapping some presents.

Merry Christmas, ya'll!  (And it's my birthday next Sunday, I'm very excited!  I'm sure you're excited for me too.)


  1. Ever since we've been giving Cinnamon catnip he's been like a whole new kitty, a stoned, playful kitty with the munchies.

  2. How adorable are you guys? Your pictures are really cute. And thanks for mentioning my name in print, woo hoo!

  3. You are so stinkin' cute! I'm amazed by your knitting ability.

  4. You won! You won! I love those giveaways! I enter everything now just because I love the feeling of winning. I have won some stupid crap, but it's feels just as good when the mailman arrives!

  5. You won!

    How I love to win things.

    It's why I enter. I don't care what it is, it's fun to win.

    Never gets old.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. I am envious of your knitting abilities. And of your cat.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. isn't winning such fun?! congrats! and by the way, you are SOOOO freakin' cute! xoxoxo Merry Christmas!

  8. Just found you via Nessa... I'm a sucker for a cute cat pic, and Cinnamonster certainly fits that description... what a lovely little helper, if you want things chewed, that is!

  9. Hold up. Your birthday was the 26th? My sister's is the 27th and my Olivia's was yesterday the 28th.

    Happy, happy belated birthday, my friend. And belated Merry Christmas and Festivus and Kwanza and everything else.

    Thank you for the Christmas card. I loved it. My girls were all, "Who is this?" And I said, "Why, that's Katie Twelve Days Old." I said this without batting an eye because I really do like to keep them flustered at all times. And my oldest, God love her, (Yes, the one and the same, "we have two kidneys?") said, "Is Twelve Days Old her last name or her middle and last name together?"

    They are all going to be working at NASA one of these days. I can just feel it.

    I hope your holiday was as beautiful as that furry gorgeous creature up there.


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