Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010, a year in pictures. And, you know, words.

Is anyone else really glad that 2010 is almost over?  I mean, good riddance.  

For those of you who stayed up late Christmas night worrying because you didn't get me a birthday present for the 26th, I had a very good day.  Jesse did an EXCELLENT job for my birthday, surprising me with a booze cruise!

Well, a brunch cruise, but whatever.  We went up to the wheel room and Jesse announced it was my birthday so el capitan let me steer the boat for a while.  We had a really great time, and I highly recommend the Portland Spirit cruises.  It's something I've wanted to do for a while (hence Jesse saying "See?  I listen!") and it was a great way to see a side of the city you don't normally see.

So, to wrap up this year, even though a lot of you have been reading my blog for a year and are like, "why is she repeating everything she's already said?" Calm down, and enjoy some highlights.

We bought the car Hank.

In February I welcomed the newest member to my family, my very own Nana!  Which by the by, having a nana is awesome.  I see why my niece and nephews like it so much.

We got infested with slugs.  And then... we got infested with slugs.  And dudes, it happened more than I mentioned on the blog, because the novelty of taking pictures of slugs in your bathroom wears off fast.

In July we went to San Diego Comic Con.  Which I wrote about in three parts for some reason, I think because I didn't have anything else to talk about.  Part One and Part Two and Part Three.

Then, in August, I killed Hank.

And then, two days later, we found out Jesse's beloved kitty Suki had diabetes.  And so we put her down and bought a new car the same day, which, in hindsight, don't buy a car when you're in mourning, okay?  I mean, ours turned out okay in the end, but your judgment is skewed.  Lessons from Aunt Katie.  Poop accidents.

In November the only post I did was about my wisdom teeth extraction in high school, which everyone had a good time telling me about THEIR wisdom teeth extractions in the comments and in emails.  And the only reason I allowed you to post your stories in the comments was because I wasn't there in real life to interrupt you in the middle of your story and say, "That's nothing!"

Then in November we found out Jesse has type 2 diabetes, which I haven't really told you about because have I mentioned I've been busy?  I also had a scare with Cinnamon, thinking perhaps he ... hey, I realized I never made the morbid joke that diabetes runs in the family because Suki got it.  Well, there it is.  Anyway, 15 1/2 year old Cinnamon is still alive and kicking for now (he was diagnosed with kidney disease the same time Suki got diabetes).  And if you're wondering, we went from cheap cat food to prescription cat food at TWENTY EIGHT DOLLARS A BAG, but it actually has helped his blood work a ton, so...there it is.  In case you guys are considering getting quote unquote better food for your animal, I recommend trying it.

There was also a lot of begging for more followers this year, copious amounts of cat pictures, and various knitting projects.  Let's take a look!

So, my new blog friends, here's to a non-sucky 2011!  And thanks for humoring me on this blog.  It's nice to know that some people out there in the blogosphere find me worth giving attention to.  Well, sometimes.  Some people don't like cats, which is crazy.


  1. Aw Yay for the booze, I mean brunch cruise!
    Boo for the fact that I've known you for a bajillion years and this is the first time you've corrected me about your birthday not being on the 27th (cowers in shame)
    And I got my car the day we had to put down Gunner. I know your pain :(

  2. What a crazy year of cars,crafts,cats,and carbs.

  3. We got you a present!!! Only because we're related of course. ;) Just kidding. Love the pics. Jesse sure looks cute with Cin. They oddly look like eachother.
    Miss you Suki.......

  4. I'm glad to have met you in 2010 and look forward to your adventures in 2011.

    All your pictures are great!

    I never understood people who don't like cats. What's up with that?!

  5. Well, always remember that yo mama loves you and that will make everything better. ^_^

  6. i don't like cats. do you hate me? well, it's not that i don't like them... it's just that i'm allergic... which makes them kosher via blogs like yours.

    i also hate slugs, and am glad that i am a late-comer to this party, and missed the slugs. are there lots of them in portland? because that may be reason enough to never move there. sorry, friend.

    thanks for your blog, i do enjoy it :)

  7. Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, and a very happy 2011 to you!

    Thanks for giving me something to read that perks me up, and for being there when I needed people.

  8. oh my goodness... I am really freaked out now, your man had a cat called Suki?? That's MY cat's name... and I can only presume by my amazing powers of deduction that she was the tabby one in the photos (as the other one is Cinnamon)... she looks nearly EXACTLY like MY Suki!! My Suki is 18 and a half and I recently had a scare as I thought she was going blind, but it turned out to be high blood pressure and now she is fine. But my DAD has type 2 diabetes... very weird! Here's just one of the pics of Suki on my blog...VERY similar, no?

  9. I'm so very glad you posted a retrospective of the past year. I was able to catch up on things. You guys are great and I'll be tuning in to see what's happening at the Bray's.

  10. ahaha I love that you dream of Tacobell!
    And yes here's to a rocking 2011! May we win the lottery, eat more Tacobell, have more cats and dogs in our beds and write our blogs on a beach (that would be my ideal year anyway) :)


  11. That cat is so fluffy, I want to put it on my head, like a big, warm furry cap.

    Sorry about the diabetes. That's a bummer. But a treatable bummer, so there's the bright side. And I like cats, but not like I love dogs. I'd say I'm definitely a dog person except when it calls for putting them on your head, than I'm a cat person, all the way.

    Great summation of your 2010. May 2011 only be bright and sparkly.

  12. I really hope that booze cruise was a SPIRIT CRUISE ... Happy Birthday ... sorry I missed it, blog on ...

  13. Happy New Beers, Katie!

    Have a super non sucky 2011!

  14. Aren't furry friends great? We have a dog b/c hubs is allergic to cats...but I love animals and they are totally members of the family. I'm so sorry about the car and the kitty, though....

  15. As soon as I saw the line about booze cruise/brunch cruise, I knew this would be a good post. You are so funny! So glad I got a chance to read

  16. My poor brother also suffers from 12/26 birthday syndrome. He called to thank me on his birthday so his little kiddlets could thank me for their xmas presents. When I wished happy big boy day, he commented that he scheduled the call just so I would wish him happy birthday. Just sad and pathetic.

  17. I ADORE your new layout!

  18. Maybe the cat food would help Jesse's diabetes?


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