Monday, February 7, 2011


Hey, I've reached 41 followers!  Interestingly, my 40th follower is Pepe Le Pew, which is somewhat surprising because I didn't know he had opposable thumbs.

That joke was terrible.

I'm also puzzled because I can't seem to find who the 41st follower is.  Is it normal to be fretting about this?

Last night we went and picked up the first season of Hoarders from the library.  You would have been embarrassed how excited I was to watch that show.  Jesse was all 'ok fine' (insert eye roll) about the whole thing, because he wanted to get started on the Long Way Down because it has motorcycles and is manly.

So, Hoarders starts out with showing images of the houses in question, and then gets to the whole HOARDERS creepy, yet poignant, logo.  This clip maybe lasts 20, 25 seconds.  Within that 20 or 25 seconds before the title of the first episode, Jesse mentioned that our living room wasn't that messy, and then YES IT WAS and he was already up and grabbing stuff before the title.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I wanted to watch it as added motivation to clean the house.  But I really just wanted to enjoy a nice, relaxing evening on the couch thinking about how wonderful it is not to have a totally scary hoarder house.  But there goes Jesse making me put all my clothes away in between watching four (4) episodes of Hoarders.

Do you like how pink Jesse's floating head is in that shot?  The totally ridiculous thing is that I cut him out of the picture for my own floating head, which hellur, I could have used the same one so we both had that awkward up-the-neck style shot.  I mean, do you know how much of my neck I have to cut out of that picture?  You just couldn't understand.

Cinnamon under the covers:

I realized that I've never taken a picture of Cinnamon doing his most favorite thing in the world, which is sleeping under the covers with us.  And I love how he eventually scoots up to where his adorable kitty head is on the pillow.  It's a hard scene to catch because he won't stay under the covers if we aren't there, and usually I'm indecently dressed in bed and would rather not post those images on the internet for everyone and my mom to see.  Because I'm classy like that.

Okay bye.


  1. I still can't get that creepy feeling of needing to throw away a ton of crap. That show totally messed with me.

  2. I watch Hoarders and feel totally ashamed. Then I snap out of it and return to reality before I do something drastic, like clean.

  3. I like your logo. Totally cute, and that picture of Cinnamon is adorable.

  4. Katie, it's so lovely to see you again!

    I've always wanted to watch hoarders... but I know I'll freak out just like Jesse and go nuts with the house.

    And I agree with Susan about your pictures. My life has needed a little more Cinnamon.

  5. Hoarders makes me freak out, like Jesse. It makes me want to clean out my fridge and throw out everything in my closets. However, then I have nothing to wear and public nudity is still going to get me in trouble. . .

    Also, Katieface, I think I'm your 41st follower somehow because I added you to my Google Reader feed thingy and had to re-follow for that.

    I might be computer-illiterate.

  6. I'm convinced all three of my children are hoarders. I just don't go upstairs, that's how I deal with the hoarding.

    Love that kitty sleeping. My dogs have recently discovered pillows and now we have to fight for our pillow rights.

  7. I think I just became follower 42. Whoo! I am so excited to see a new post!

    I should take pics of our messy house now that we're renovating. That should make you feel better. :)

    Hope you get your relaxing time in soon. Love the pic of Cinnamon!! Sooo sweet. Wish my hubby wasn't allergic to kitties. Red ones are the best!

  8. i can't watch hoarders. my apt looks like i'm a hoarder, only b/c we have no space... so when i watch it, it makes me want to throw things away that i really need to keep... like wall hangings that we will eventually have space for again... or sentimental things... plus, i always feel so bad for the people, that they can't see that their home is not healthy and often really really nasty.

  9. Katie! You're back from the Dead! OMG, are you a Zombie now? Crap.


    Perhaps Hoarders is the new answer to keeping your house clean all the time. All you need to do is record that first clip and press play every day when you get home. Voila!!! Clean house :D

    And Cin is adorable as ever. He's such a cutie pie.

  10. That show has gotten me afraid to bring things into the house.

    Cool, I have thumbs!!!

  11. Yaaaaaaaaay I'm glad to see a new post again! I would have worried about you but you were commenting on my blog so I knew you were alive at least.

    My Mother In Law is a hoarder. She can't help but buy crap and it all stays in her house. The only way to walk through her house is to follow the path through the boxes and bags and stuff she has everywhere, and god forbid you want to sit anywhere because all the couches and chairs and stuff are piled high with stuff too. It's weird.

    Also, I know I say this almost every time I comment here, but Cinnamon is adorable. In this picture he reminds me of my Flower. She loves to snuggle under the blankets too!

  12. Cinnabun! I bet he smells all warm and salty.

    I have twelve bajillion pets. Hoarding? What hoarding? So I have nothing to say on that.

  13. I love watching hoarders because it makes me feel so much better about my housekeeping skills.

    btw- slap me silly, I thought I was already following your blog. Anyway, I've rectified the situation. Your my favorite follower!

  14. I've been meaning to try to watch that show but I'm afraid it will be too close to home for me. However, I like something I heard on TV last night - a guy who collects hammers (yes, I know) says he buys one every week, because if you're not constantly adding to the collection, you're only hoarding. There you have it - an excuse to keep stuff AND buy more. Excellent!!
    And I have trouble working out who is following me too, I always try to visit new people but sometimes I can't seem to find who is new or whatever, am sure you know what I mean...
    My Suki makes it even harder to get a pic as she will only get under the covers if I am in the bed, and she snuggles up right next to me and pins down my arm so it's practically impossible to reach around and grab my camera, if it were next to the bed which it isn't anyway... and then she gets out when she's warmed up and repeats the process a few minutes later.

  15. and yes, great to have a new post from you, I got all excited and forgot to say that in my first comment!

  16. I watch Hoarders like a nut, b/c that show makes me "action prone," as the therapists on there like to call it.

    In other words: gets my arse in gear. The fright factor, you know.


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