Thursday, March 10, 2011

They see me rollin', they hatin'.

I have a new follower!  Katie at The Philosphy of KLo.  Except my name is already Katie, so I'm going to call her something else.  Like Shannon.  Welcome, Shannon!

I definitely don't have anything exciting to share, so I will talk to you about how I want a new bike.

"Shocks, pegs...lucky!"

Why don't they make adult bikes with a banana seat?

I'm actually looking for something more like this because I'm a boring grown up:

Except in some gaudy, hideous color because that's what I like.  What I'm really here to talk about though, is how I feel like a kid because I'm saving up for a bike.  Do you know how long it's been since I saved up for something?  We're staying away from using credit cards because I'm planning a gargantuan road trip later this year and don't care for that looming thing known as a credit card payment.  Thorn in my side.

I've been saving up whatever outside money I can (not dipping into our weekly budget) for my sweet new ride, including a $15 check from Washington county for my jury duty service.  I'm still waiting for a rebate check from my windshield wipers.  If that last sentence doesn't sound like the epitome of what every teenager never wants to talk about when they become an adult, then I just don't know what does.

I'm also doing something I loathe, which is selling things on Craigslist.  Or, more accurately, putting things on Craigslist and nobody buying them.  I'm not selling my garbage or anything, it's just becoming painfully obvious that me (the seller) and Craigslist viewers (the buyer) have something in common:  neither of us want those dishes.

Here is a photo of my large head and my unnecessary urge to smile as large as I can in photos.  Oh, and Jesse.

Oh, right, JESSE!  For those of you interested, a while back we found out Jesse has type 2 diabetes, and we went in for his follow up blood test two days ago.  His blood sugars are reeeally close to pre-diabetic levels!  This is really great news.  And, we have not spent any quality time with Jillian Michaels lately, either.  That means we've been terrible about exercising.  Just imagine what he could accomplish with his blood sugars if we actually started exercising.  He could be a hero.  He could go from diabetic to SUPER HUMAN.  Or maybe just a fit guy.

Stay classy,

Katie Westside


  1. congrats on low blood sugar!! woo hoo!!! i bet that feels soooo good!! yay for jesse!! :) :) :)

  2. Love this post. It's so YOU. And so is the pink bike. And the green one. You could always paint the green bike pink.
    Just a thot.

  3. Super hero? I have changed they way you see the world and I like it.

  4. Yes indeed, awesome about Jesse!

    It's great that Super Jesse has a fiscally conscious wife supporting him, saving for a bike and whatnot. Have you thought about a sidecar? (Would that be sidebike?)

    I think you should.

  5. My boyfriend, how ludicrous at my age, empties out all his change at the end of the day. It starts small, but you'd be surprised how fast it accumulates. Last time he wrapped coins it was over $600. That's because he is a procrastinator and there is no cool bike in the picture.

    Jesse deserves a big 'atta boy! That's a major accomplishment. I give you kudos, sir. Very hard to change your whole way of eating.

  6. Agh! Napoleon! I had to go watch it again as soon as I read your post.

    I want a bike, too! And if I could have that cute pink one, I would. Alas, mine will probably come from Goodwill. I, too, dislike credit card payments looming over my shoulder.

    Hooray Jesse!!! He IS a SUPER HUMAN! Good job. :)

    Also? Craigslist is such a good idea in theory but obnoxious in practice. The only time someone bought anything of ours on Craigslist was when I listed a crummy desk for $10. No one ever wants to buy my stuff. Maybe we just have really crappy stuff?

  7. You need a banana seat and streamers to complete your new ride.

  8. Can't you get the bike and claim it as an essential health item for Jesse to keep his diabetes under control? (more "rebate" talk... scary...) You could get a tandem bike and ride that for the road trip!! And I was going to suggest the streamers too... every superhero needs those...

  9. bwahahaha! My cyber-stalking skills are improving apparently (or I bumbled ass-backwards onto your blog) as I found you! Now I'll know all of your and Jesse's secrets without having to actually talk to either of you! Yes!

  10. Hahaha, ALEX! Jesse was all "What?" when he asked about you a while ago and I said, "Oh, he already moved." Because I like to keep him informed.

  11. #1 you can't post crap on my birthday and expect me to find it in a timely manner.

    #2... you sent me a birthday card, an e card, a FB comment, say in person (well, if IM is in person) and I can't even get a mention in your post! (kidding)

    #3 YAY For Jesse! This is what we like to hear. Healthful and stuff.

    #4 Why DONT they make banana seats for adults? (and we're looking into getting bikes too.)

    #5... I dunno, i just felt like I needed a five.

  12. I'm a kitten stalker so I'm glad I found my way back here (your about me page still makes me laugh and I've read it about four times).

    Anyway, I loled (at work, no less) when I read If that last sentence doesn't sound like the epitome of what every teenager never wants to talk about when they become an adult. Had to the send the blog home so I could comment!

  13. Now...girl...why would you say that about yourself when you have that joyous smile??

    Don't make me come over and put you across my laps.


  14. er..that should be lap. no s.

    now you're all freaked out, aren't you?

  15. If I ever get a new bike, it has to have the big ole padded seat. And if a car can have air condidtioned seats, I'm thinkin my bike could, too.

    Good luck! Send pictures when you get it.

  16. I've decided I can get away with riding a kid's bike. I'm only 5 foot 3, so really I'm just like a fat sixth grader. Do kid's bikes have a weight limit? I'm just gonna go to Wal-mart and buy a little girls bike.

  17. Yeah, Jesse! Way to get those numbers down!

    Katie, have you looked at bikes on eBay? I got mine there -a vintage Schwinn like I had as a kid. But they have new stuff too.

    Thanks for the link to the groovy bears. Love it when they give eachother the "No, you stop!" slaps!

  18. Sorry I haven't commented yet, but I can't post from my phone. So here I am on my laptop catching up! :) I love your saving for a bike idea. I would totally love a bike with a banana seat, too. And Napoleon quotes are the best. :) And healthy Jesse is wonderful news! Anyone buy those dishes yet? Also, I am sure you have info on here somewhere, but I wanna know about your cool tat and why you got it and when -- the whole story. Alright, off to blurgh my way through a blog post m'self. Cheers!

  19. I'm glad he is feeling better.

  20. Oh my gosh I used to have a pink bike just like that one when I was a kid!! Those were the good old days. Im sorry to hear Jesse has diabetes that can not be fun, my mom has diabetes and she always has to be poking her self with needles ouch! I love the smile in the pic and I see a tattoo too, WOW that is courage, I want one but afraid of the pain LOL. luv ya!

  21. Oh I forgot to ask. You only get $15 for jury duty? that sucks!!!! :S


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