Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby, when I met you for the first time I knew. We were meant to be as oooooone.

Jesse said he'll always remember the fateful day we met.  Love at first sight, he says.  He knew he would be adopting me and giving me my "forever home".

And it looks like I was on sale.

You know, it's my behavior in pictures like this that made my mother hate it when my dad and I were together in public.  Something about being immature.  Or something.  Waa waaaa.

I'm still saving up my pennies to buy a bike, but I want you to know that that cute husband of mine totally tried to get me to buy a bike online with a CREDIT CARD.  I know, right?!  This guy!

Annie, who is a dedicated follower, yet I have never mentioned her before because I'm a horrible person, sent me this beauty.

Not like, sent me a bike, but sent me a link.  It's the thought that counts, really.  I mean, look at it.  My gosh, it's gorgeous.

An old friend from high school is now following me, and his name is Alex.  Alex and I went to his junior prom together, where he very romantically said something like, "I need a date to prom.  Can you come?"  I'm going to find the picture from that prom and post it, and Susan is already giggling because my feet look funny in that picture.  Actually, I just realized that my date to my senior prom was equally as wooed by me as I was wooed by Alex when I said to him, "Sean, I need someone taller than me to be my date to prom.  Want to be my date?"  A way with words, we have.

And a pretty girl named Megan is following me.  I do not know anything about her.  So let's make something up.  Megan is from Idaho, yet she's been spending the last three years in Paraguay finding herself.  She had a short romantic interest in handsome Andrès, a doctor.  Things fizzled out towards the end, what with him being a busy doctor and her teaching children English.  But recently she found Louis, a Scottish biologist who was spending a vacation in Paraguay after grad school.  He just went back to Scotland, and Megan is trying to get back in the states so she can get things arranged to move out to the UK.  Because, guess what?  Even though they only knew each other three weeks, they're engaged!  Oh it's so exciting.  The lives my followers lead.


  1. Three weeks, wow that's fast. So is one month and two days.

  2. Yay! Another post from you!! Can you please make up something exciting and glamorous about my life too? If you like, you can do it all in pig latin and then translate it. Although I speak it too so you would only be doing it for the benefit of all the other followers. I wonder if they have Paraguayan pig latin too?

  3. oh and nice quote from Kylie Minogue for the blog post title, by the way. My mum went to the same primary school that she did! (not at the same time, of course...)

  4. You're back! ish....

    And that bike is awesome. If it comes in lavendar, I'd plop down my hard earned cash in a second!

    also, I'd have adopted you from petsmart too :D

  5. You're going to think this is funny. Yes, you are. I told your father just the other day that Katie is getting more mature. He snorted and said, "OUR Katie? Are you kidding me?"
    The picture of you in the dog bed seems to confirm his skepticism. (I had to look up how to spell that. It's harder than you think.)
    Of course, your father has never grown up and he's turning 60 soon, so he oughta know.
    I love you just the way you are. Me and Mr. Rogers. ^_^
    Love, Mom

  6. If I offcially follow you instead of just dropping in from time to time, will I have an exciting Paraguay/romantic/exciting filled life? Cuz I would totally follow you, if it did.

    I love the pink bike! Can I ride it? Just around the block?

  7. Okay, now I'm jealous you didn't make up some thrilling bio for me, too.

    BIKE. Isn't it a beaut? Really, if it were in my price range I'd be snapping it up.

    If you were on sale, I'd buy you. Except I never go to Petco, which means someone else would probably buy you and who knows what kind of home they would have? So I guess it's good Jesse was there.

  8. That picture of you was GREAT!!! Oh, man. You are fun to hang out with.
    And man, your Dad is old.
    Love ya sis.

  9. that is freaking hysterical! What's that you ask?
    Everything. Love it!
    I gotta add you to my blog roll so I don't forget to check back about the bike/new followers with exciting lives.

  10. I want that bike, too. But my teenage kids would NEVER let me.

  11. Katie,
    I need to hang out with you so that I can laugh more. In fact. What are you doing this very second? I can't hang out but maybe you can say something to make me laugh. Go. Do it. :)

    Okay, but seriously, I'm gonna facebook you or something so that we can go out on a date. :)

  12. You're mildly insane. I approve. =D

  13. Man! My life is so exciting!

    Will you write/read my eugoogooly? I have a feeling that you would be a great eugooglizer.

    (I hope someone will name that movie.. or else I'll forever be the weird new kid.)

  14. Zoolander! One of my top all time favorite movies!

  15. Saved from humiliation by Annie. woohoo!

  16. You're feet don't look funny, they look ugly. Which is much worse. And it's weird because you normally have nice looking feet. It's probably from being in uncomfortable shoes all night. It makes the prom photo much more interesting.

  17. maturity is for grown-ups. none of those around...

  18. I'm here via the Ostriches. Funny stuff. I'm going to follow. Whatever bike you buy should have a basket. In the front, though: not in the back. In the back is too Miss Gulchish.

  19. visiting you from my other very funny friend, miss ostrich. :)
    {now don't go making something up about me!}

  20. And did the Scottish biologist have a passion for wearing kilts? Because that would totally work for me .... Love ya!

  21. I'm dieing to know whether the Scottish biologist's family approves of his yankee fiancee!

  22. Should I tell you I moved in with the Big Tuna when I knew him two weeks and married him when I knew him 12 weeks? Next month will be our 29th wedding anniversary

  23. And Mrs. Tuna is the winner! Jesse and I were engaged after a month (we were waiting to afford the ring, I wanted that ring!) and were married 2 months later.

  24. Why? Why did your post just show up in my Reader? I missed this gold nugget for a week!

    First I would like to know when your belly is rubbed, does your leg start to move really fast?

    Because I'm nosy, want to know if you're gonna get a cool white basket with daisies sewn on the front for your handle bars?

    I had a banana bike with that very same basket. Although I think I tried to rip mine off the handle bars.

    Duffylou (having internet trouble)

  25. LOL love the first picture!! LOL adopted that is funny, love your sense of humor! That bike is awesome... Are you gonna buy it?

  26. Oh Katie! I started following you and have not looked away yet! Every post has me in stitches! You are a beautifully hilarious person! God has blessed you with the ability to make anyone smile! I miss you...


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