Sunday, April 10, 2011

"I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?" "I think you can in Europe."

Me:  Are you ready to go?
Jesse:  Yes.
Me:  Where are your shoes?
Jesse:  Hey, you're the one knitting by the front door.  Like a crazy person.

This crazy person has been finishing a lot of projects recently, including a new pair of fingerless gloves for Jesse.

Oh, and peoples be asking me 'cuz they curious about my bike fund affairs and, no.  No one has wanted those dishes that I put up on Craigslist.  This is definitely the longest I have ever put something on Craiglist without giving up.  Usually after the first day I've lost all hope and change the listing to free so it gets out of our house.  I once put up a dress for $30 and two days later I made it $5.  Patience is my something or other.

And here?  Is my prom picture with my friend Alex and my feet.  I mentioned it in this post.

I was wearing these strappy shoes that made me taller than Alex, so I asked him if he wanted me to take them off for the photo.  He said he didn't care.  And I, for some reason unknown to me, thought my feet wouldn't show up in the picture anyway.

I think I've built up the whole foot thing, because it really wasn't a big deal, but who, really, who is barefoot in a prom picture?  Here's a quote from Susan about the whole foot thing.  "Your feet don't look funny, they look ugly. Which is much worse. And it's weird because you normally have nice looking feet."



That 6y was brought to you by your favorite online fluffball, Cinnamon.  Here is an old photo of him when he was just a wee boy.  And when I was just a wee girl and my photography skills were bangin'.

No, I'm serious, I actually won a camera because of a picture I took in first grade.  There were two categories to win from, one of which I don't remember and then one that was like "pensive".  I had no idea what that meant, so I submitted a picture I took at the beach.  I didn't win the pensive category, but wouldn't that have been a much more interesting story?

Here's a pensive one for you.

Shoot.  I guess I was going for thoughtful.


  1. i *love* the title of this post!!

  2. sorry, jesse, i beat you to the first comment... please don't hate me, i promise i'm not trying to take your place :) though i *am* jealous of your fly fingerless gloves...

  3. Dang, Ann you beat me. I just had go grab the clothes from the dryer. Anyhoo this last picture of Cinnamon so induces the urge for a nap.

  4. Actually, Cinnamon looks more like 'anticipation', as in, "Am I going to get a treat?"
    Your poor prom feet were suffering when the pic was taken. They had been crammed in merciless, spikey-heeled shoes for several hours before the photo was taken.
    It's always nice when you come back to bloggin'. ^_^
    Thank you.

  5. Love the title. Love the barefoot prom picture. If my school would have allowed it, I would have been barefoot. I don't think they would have noticed because my dress was pretty long, but the idea of my feet getting stepped on by all the other girls' spiky-heeled shoes was not appealing.

    You are a stunning photographer. You really captured the essence of Jesse and the fingerless gloves. And I feel like I can really identify with Cinnamon in those photos. He's pensive, anticipatory, and alert all at once. It's amazing.

  6. Are you partially scrunching your feet in discomfort? If not, could you tell people you are, thereby having a reason your feet didn't look as nice as normal? I'm just thinking out loud here.

    but. . . I love my Skechers.

  7. It is my belief had you not mentioned your feet they would not be as noticeable. You looked shiny and pretty. Who would look at your feet?

    But now, that's all I can look at!

  8. That is funny that duffylou says she wouldn't have noticed your feet because that is always the first thing I look at when I see that picture and then I can't look away.

    Per the previous comment that never aired, I said something about your feet reminding me of those binded Chinese feet when they take the wrapping off and the pinky toe is located on the ball of the foot. And then I said something about you taking a new photo of your feet so people would know that you are able to walk normally. And then I couldn't decide if this was funny or just mean. And then I remembered that in third grade we learned not to start sentences with and.

  9. Can I just say: these pictures make me think of Tobias even more when I think about Hubby McRedbeard...

    In the picture I had in front of that lovely little backdrop (really, who designs those things?) I was taller than my date.... though that might have been a different thing, I remember there being a fake bridge type structure hiding like, mid shin down... Maybe they pulled that out after you!?!

    Also, Cinnabutt! He really is a very photogenic cat.

  10. Funnily enough, the ad that is showing below the comments box as I type this is for Ugg boots. You could have worn them to Prom! That would have made for interesting photos.
    Your cat is so talented, Suki doesn't enjoy typing, she only likes to rub her head very vigorously on the laptop screen.

  11. Hahaha I know those quotes- from Ten Things I hate about you. thAT'S MY FAVOURITE movie, i used to get everyone to watch it at my birthday :P

    Cute kitty!

    Come and see my blog hun!

  12. I loooooooooooove 10 Things I Hate About You!! My college roommie and I quoted it back and forth on each others' facebook walls for a while. Then, because she lives in California and I'm in Georgia, we watched the movie at the same time so we could watch it "together." Ahhh, the remembories. :)

    Also, I think feet, socks, and shoes are all weird. Very weird. And that reminds me -- I need a pedicure.

    Love the pics of Cinnamon!

  13. Pensive? Thoughtful? At least your animal does that. My two always look dopey or asleep. Can't win many photo contests that way!

  14. Loved this post!! Your cat is awesome. The feet thing was not so bad; after all when we are kids we do unexplained things :) Have a great day my friend.

  15. I saw your Craftster page; you are very talented my dear!!! What is your twitter username I want to follow, if you find me first mine is cristinalaloca :) have a great day girlie!

  16. LOL! stand up and love your feet lady! I'm going to follow your blog from my random fun blog - I'd love you to guest post sometime, your work is perfect!

  17. ? Your feet are not ugly. Mine however? Have stopped people dead in thier tracks. So unattractive are they.

    I am whelmed by them.

  18. "Hey, I just saw the movie "Heat".
    "That came out like two years ago."
    "Yeah, but I just saw it and I want to talk about it now."

    I just read your most riveting post from April 10th. And I want to talk about it now. Your feet can't hold a candle next to Darin's. Yeah, I don't know what that saying REALLY means, but I'm going with it anyway.

  19. lol couldn't imagine barefoot for prom but I did wear some ratty sequin slipper shoes to avoid being taller than my date! LOL

  20. You... Should write something new so I can comment on it so you know I'm still here, reading your blog. Just sayin.

    Also, that old picture of Cinnamon is actually pretty awesome. 4 thumbs up!

  21. I think the ititials on your photo stand for New South Fire Wales.

  22. Cinnamon looks cute in that last picture.


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