Friday, May 27, 2011

Joey: Here's a little tip, she really likes it when you rub her neck in the same spot over and over and over again until it starts to get a little red.

Calm down, I'm here.

Things have been blissfully uneventful, and sometimes that's just what I need.  I need the steady pace of a cat meowing outside my door at four in the morning and a husband that stays cute and draws things. (Here's a link to his blog with some new designs he's done, go check it out!)

I've made/fixed up a couple things, so here are pictures:



I put glitter on the cat treats lid, and was trying to find a good angle to showcase the glitter when someone in the background didn't like that I was just holding the jar and not getting down to business.


In other boring, grown up news, 2011 is becoming THE YEAR THAT SUNSHINE FORGOT.  Us Portlanders have stopped complaining about the crummy weather and just started shaking our fists and then hanging our heads in despair.  I'm knitting mittens, for crying out loud.  It's almost June.  I've been reading all these Australian blogs and am starting to feel like maybe we're on the other side of the equator.  I'll be spending my Memorial Day weekend nesting and finishing good books.  I should be nesting and finishing good books and saying, "We really should be outside."

This summer is going to be eventful though, with SOCK SUMMIT in July (w00t!) and then a super secret vacation to go and see my friend Amy.

Also, if you're going to Sock Summit, let me know!  I'll be there Saturday July 30th (a mere two days after my man turns 29 and after 48 hours of me going "I'm only 24, neener!").  I'd love to meet up (or ruthlessly avoid, BE HONEST) and I can give you some pointers about things in the Portland area.  And by "pointers" I mean I'm going to tell you the worst way to get somewhere and then when you're hopelessly lost on public transit and you send me a desperate text message, I'll only reply "?".

Anyone need a set of dishes?


  1. That image of Cinnamon in the background is awesome.

  2. Oh that treat lid is so cute!!

  3. dude. you need to move. Mittens in may is ridiculous.

  4. Love that Moo Cow Butter Dish on your counter. Too cute. Where did you EVER find it?
    I'm completely, overwhelmingly despondent about the weather. Then I think about all those people who have been flooded out and tornadoed apart and I figure maybe I shouldn't complain so much. It could be worse. But I DO miss the sunshine. A lot.
    But look at all the fun projects you accomplished instead of being outside this so-called 'spring'!

  5. How "secret" could a vacation be if you post it on your blog??......

  6. Soulless: The Parasol Protectorate. Ok, that sounds retarded, but as I look at the description it looks pretty kool. I would highly recommend trying Stranger in a Strange Land (Robert A. Heinlein) on for size if you have the extra time. Or House of Leaves (Mark Z. Danielewski), but only if you have ALOT of extra time.

    You are most adroit with your artsy-craftsy textiles and trappings!

    Oh yeah, sorry, I will not be attending Sock Summit this year. I know you probably expected me to be there, but I've just got too much on my plate. What with school and writing my memoir. I hope you understand.

  7. Crafts aplenty! Craft extravaganza! I wish I hadn't left my sock at your house.

  8. Glad to hear from you!! Hmm, if I didn't spend so much time rambling on my blog, I'd have time to make a glittery cat treat lid for Suki too... as it is, her treats don't even get shifted into a fancy jar, she has to have them straight from the packet!

  9. The glitter is the best touch, now every time I close my eyes I see little sparkles, thank you :)

    Marsy ~ Giddy Fingers

  10. Okay, so now that answers my question about Amy. You don't have to send me an email back saying, "Yes."

    And wow! You're a crafty girl! I am so envious of those who craft because I cannot craft in any way shape or form. I can't even thread a needle, so...

    I'm not sure what Sock Summit is and yes, I know you have a link up there, but I can pretty much safely say without even looking, that I will not be attending. I don't wear socks and well, there's the Oregon thing, you know of what I speak.

  11. Sadly, I won't be at Sock Summit. And no, I'm not being sarcastic. I won't be at any fun summits this summer because I have to go on vacation with my family! Boo!
    You blog, you are too talented for words. Your left brain must be huge!

  12. After writing that, it dawned on me that maybe it's the right side of the brain that's responsible for creativity...well, whatever side is, that side of your brain is huge! xoxox Thanks for the constant support, I love your comments!

  13. Zali will not let me knit. At all. Throws a giant fit the second the needles come out. Jealous.

    Yes, I just admitted that my dog is the boss of me.

    LOVE the treat lid. Adorable.


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