Thursday, June 9, 2011

They tryin' to catch me ridin' DIRTAY. And Cinnamon does not like getting on a bike.

I'd like you to meet....

Princess Peach.

Don't worry, Cinnamon gave me a nice scratch on my neck for these ones.

For those of you interested in how I earned the money to buy a bike (which none of you asked, but here I am still typing) here is a breakdown.  You may notice I did not make any money by way of illegal activity, because I hear that involves a lot of standing on street corners and it's been raining a lot.

I'm part of a few survey sites, and was very diligent in taking all of those stupid surveys.  Late into many a night* was spent marking the correct box.  Female, 18-24, White/Caucasian, REPEAT AD NAUSEUM.

*No later than 8:30 pm.  I got things to do, son.

Survey site #1: $30
Survey site #2: $25
Survey site #3: $50
Selling a video camera on Craigslist: $50
Wiper refund: $5
Mystery shopping (it's a mystery indeed!): $75
Interest in my fat bank account: $1.42
Pennies that were in a bank shaped like a crayon: $5.58
Jury duty: $15.80

Tidbit #1:  This is the crayon bank I was filling with pennies:

I am sure Jesse is ecstatic about me posting that picture.

I only got to about the C in crayon.  Tidbit #1.5, I had a spreadsheet that listed where all the money came from in my bike fund and was copying the information over here.  Instead of pennies, it said penis.  Awkward, frown-filled moment with myself, there.

Tidbit #2:  I ended up receiving TWO rebate checks for the wiper refund, but Jesse made me be a good person and I only cashed one.  I'm bitter and all, but I guess he's right that I don't feel guilt about cashing that extra five bucks.  (If they send more I'm not telling him.)

Tidbit #3:  If you want to know the survey sites I use, don't be afraid to ask!  Because for just six easy payments of -- wait, that's my Botox pitch.  I'm getting confused.

I bought that bike and knew that it would be a possibility that I would have to ride it home from the shop if it didn't fit into the ample backside of Evan, our VW Beetle.

If you've seen a VW Beetle you know that was a wonderful pipe dream, and that I would be riding it home from the bike shop.  Four and a half miles.  No big deal, right?

Well, sure, no big deal if you're used to riding a bike for 4 1/2 miles, of course.  Because my minor asthma was all YEAH LIKE THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN and Jesse ended up riding it the last three miles home.

There's a pretty rough hill on the ride home (through a nearby trail) and Jesse had to endure stares from others as he rode a girl's bike and then quit halfway through to walk.  Have I mentioned how great he is?  He didn't bat an eye as I came to a stop by the car and he said, "Get on in, I'll ride it the rest of the way."

Tidbit #M: I finished those mittens I referenced in the last post, and here's a picture.  However, all the photos of these mittens about made me pee myself, so if you'd like to view all the shots, here's a link to the Picasa album.  Also, here's the link to all the bike photos if you like to really stalk people like I do.


  1. I can't wait til I get my bike so we can both be out of breath on some trail together :)

  2. It's a beauty! And the name is absolutely perfect. I do survey sites, too! I wish there were some kind of thing where you could just hit a button and all your female/w/non-hispanic origin (which, why do they ask that when they've already asked which ethnicity I am?)/25-35 info would just be automatically filled in, instead of having to mess with those drop boxes.

    Thanks for the Picasa link. I totally stalk people through their photo sites.

  3. A-hem. At the risk of sounding like your MOTHER, be sure to take your inhaler with you when you go out riding, sweet one.
    And I had to laugh at the image of Jesse riding around on the peach girl's bike. ~__~

  4. yay!! so happy you got your bike!! :)

    also, you had me CRACKING UP over here :) needed that this monring!! :)

  5. i want to do survey sites…how do you pick which one is a good one??

  6. Jaime, pretty much any website that has XXX in the title is a pretty good one.

    That joke was terrible. I'll facebook you.

  7. You, your bike and the mittens are all very cute! Congratulations!

  8. Please get a helmet before you take that new bike off any sweet jumps.

    And I can't believe you used the word "penis" in your blog! Were you raised by wolves or something???

  9. Jeez, Dad, would you watch what you say in the comments? This is a family blog, or something.

    I cannot believe you had the audacity to mention wolves here.

  10. Thank you for that post. I now have the beautiful image of a certain part of the male anatomy somehow stuck in that crayon.
    So those survey sites actually pay?? I started doing some a while ago but I think I was never eligible or something like that. Can't believe you managed to buy a BIKE with the money from there!
    ... and in another 'parallel universe' kind of thing, much like our two Sukis, my dad had a VW beetle when I was younger!!! Not orange though. That would just have been TOO much of a coincidence.
    The mittens look great, but isn't it nearly summer where you are??

  11. ah I have bike envy :) However I don't know how to ride a bike :D

    cute mittens!!!
    Come follow my blog hun ;)

  12. You are so FUNNY! I'm sorry I don't pop by more often, because you truly brighten my day! See, if I had about 43 hours in a day, I would so be stalking your cute mittened self. LOVE the new wheels!

  13. That bike is beautiful! It's one of my favorite things, bike riding. I feel like I'm nine again, when I'm on ma bike.

    But hills are awful enough, girl, with asthma? You stay safe out there.

    Mittens are super cute, too, but not as cute as your face.

  14. Yay! I'm so glad you finally got your bike! And of course Cinnamon doesn't want to ride it... he wants to sit in a basket on the handlebars. Duh.

  15. Ohhhhh, did you ride your shiny bike with your fancy assed mittons?

  16. Congrats on the bike - I just got a new bike last week. It was a hand me down from my mom, but since she only rode it one time it's practically brand new!

  17. Your bike is beautiful. I am not good at saving up my penises so I will never have one. *frowny face*

  18. You and your bike are gangsta! Like fo realz.


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