Saturday, August 21, 2010

Knock knock. Who's there? I'm Evan!

As of a few days ago, I started an experiment to see if VW Beetle drivers wave at each other.  Did you know that they all look really mad all the time, and never wave back?  I told Susan I continue to do it because the people behind me won't notice that the other person didn't wave, but when they see me stick my hand out the window they'll think: "Hey, those slug bug people all wave to each other."  Then they'll think I'm part of some elusive club of slug buggers, but really, we are all in bad moods even though our cars are cute.  Hey-o!

Oh yeah, and Jesse and I agreed on a name for the car.  It took a while.  But we named it after my friend Evan.  In particular, his knock knock joke.

Knock knock.

Who's there?

I'm Evan!

Yes it's a stupid joke but it GETS ME EVERY TIME.

(And if you are interested, Evan is in Iceland right now and has a blog titled I'm Evan and I'm in Iceland and funnily enough, he's coming back to America in like 5 days, so that link will be a lie soon enough, end of sentence.)

Oh, and could my family be any pushier about me naming my car?  We never named our cars growing up, but when I mention that we name ours, everyone has an opinion.  My own MOTHER tried to guilt me into naming it after a dead family member.  Name your own car, I said to her.  I don't name my cars, she said to me.  I don't understand why we're still talking about this, I said.'s a picture of Cinnamon.  It feels awkward only having one cat to show pictures of.  So I'll show multiple pictures of him.

This is his newest look, The Sleepy Look.  Very Mugatu.

And this one's a bit of a game.  Can you see the yellow cat in the dead grass?

Moving forward...

My favorite author, A.B. Keuser, sent me a box of cookies (being a biggest fan has its perks) and in there was a note that I could share them with my friend Jenna.  As it turns out, Jenna...I owe you some cookies.  As in, I need to make you some cookies.  Amy's a great cookie baker!  And snickerdoodles for breakfast?  I think even my mom will let that slide.

Look at me with all those links.  My sister gave me a hard time about never linking to her when I talk about her so I'm trying to fix that.  Hey, Susan!  I'm linking your blogLIIINNNKKK.

Anyway, here's an updated picture of my hip.

And I just lied right there, because I had Jesse take this picture like 3 days ago.  The bruise is almost gone.

Oh, and I wanted to thank you all for your really nice comments about Suki.  We totally miss her and keep thinking we see her, so it's nice to know other people understand.

Also, we have TWO NEW FOLLOWERS here at twelvedaysold yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

We have Daniela!  And LoveandLust! (Etsy shop link)  And I just saw I got another new follower, and that is Willoughbywhimsy.  I guess I didn't need to tell you I just saw I got a new follower, when I am writing this and I could go back and delete that line and just mention the three of them together.  Yet here we are.  It's like when my mother-in-law sent me an email and wrote "just a second" in it.  One thousand one...

All right, well just a second and I'll post this.  Wait for it...


  1. I'm commenting on your blog. Wait just a second. THERE...To be honest I ate more than my fair share of those cookies.

  2. That cinnamon... he's so hot right now.

  3. Blast not living across the street anymore. I love cookies... :< and... SLUG BUG BLACK!

  4. I went to take the trash out at 7 this morning and Cin wanted me to let him in, when I told him I couldn't and walked to my house he gave me the dirtiest look ever.

    I wouldn't be surprised if my welcome mat is soaked in his urine right now.

  5. I had a reddish colored bunny once I named Cinnamon. :) And a slew of orange tabby cats that did not wind up with that name, but could have.

    Sorry the big drivers don't sense themselves to be in a club. That's too bad.

    Your hip looks better!!

  6. Haha, big=bug.

    Big Bug Drivers oughtta RECOGNIZE.

  7. It's okay on the cookies - I understand the urge to eat them when they're in your house. And I've been making cookies a lot recently because they're something Nick will actually eat in the morning and therefore NOT DIE.

  8. you have an author that sends u cookies? no fair. NO FAIR.

    Cinnamon is too cute and I'm sorry about Suki...

    And your hip looks tons better. Whew!

  9. EEeeeeekkkk! I LOVE orange kitties!

    {and thanks for the shoutout!}

  10. Oh your hip makes me want to limp in sympathy. Yow.

    And so sorry about your kitty. You did right by giving her a good life for the time you had her.

    And authors who bake cookies are very fine folk, indeed. This author eats cookie dough. Does that count for anything?


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