Thursday, August 25, 2011

When the receptionist met the janitor.

Four years ago today I was scrambling to write a few lines of vows on the way to my wedding.  I remember there was something in there about how I felt like I could be myself around Jesse, my then fiance.

I also remember finding out on our honeymoon that the reason so many people were honking at us in our decked out car was because someone wrote "Honk if you're straight" on the back of it.  Surprisingly?  There are a lot of straight people out on the road.

After less than a week of dating Jesse I called my sister up and told her I was going to marry this guy that I hadn't even said I love you to yet, and her... well.  Thinking I was insane.

Jesse and I met when I was 18 through a mutual friend at church.  If you would have told us we would get married I would have laughed in your face and I'm pretty sure Jesse would have disappeared. So, we knew who each other were, and after time both of us attended different churches and over a year passed without us seeing each other.

Three and a half months before our wedding, Jesse was playing with his friends in a band at a coffee shop, and my friend Jenna and I decided to meet up there.  As stated, it had been over a year since I had seen Jesse and he nearly accosted me when I got there and wanted to hang out with me so bad.  I didn't really understand since I figured he thought I was obnoxious (which was true, but who could stay away from this?) (apparently a lot of people).  It would be another week or so of hanging out amongst friends before Jesse tricked me into getting "ice cream for everyone" which meant "let's get ice cream and then park the car for two hours and talk".  And, indeed, that is where we had The Talk.

The Talk was stopped abruptly when a policeman came up to the window and asked how we were doing.  He said that two girls had gotten off their shift at Subway something like 45 minutes prior but saw Jesse's creepy truck with the camper on it across the parking lot and were afraid to leave so they called the cops.  Katie and Jesse, harassing Subway employees since 2007.

And what splendid harassment it has been.  I have never doubted for a moment our decision to get married.  Wait.  There was that time I found chunky (and decidedly NOT creamy) peanut butter in the pantry.  Turned out I was the one who accidentally bought it, and I was resolute once again that Jesse and I were a perfect match.

So, toots, thanks for killing spiders for me and telling me I'm pretty and that you're sure no one noticed the booger hanging out of my nose the entire time I was out. Here's to another four years of going "No, YOU'RE cuter!" and making my parents gag.


  1. Awwwwwww!

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    (Sidenote: That blue shirt... everytime I see that picture my initial thought is that's bloodspatter and I'm wondering if Jesse's turned into a zombie.)

  2. Sweet :) Thanks for sharing the story. Love it. Glad that it sounds like you're doing quite well :) Love the creepy truck part.

  3. Happy anniversary, Katie! Uh, and Jesse! Jesse, too. Both of you!

    Gah. Social failure yet again. I find it amusing that your love brought chills to the Subway employees.

  4. Is that blood on her shirt?
    Haha just kidding, happy anniversary!

  5. I LOVE you guys! And I don't even know you! Happy anniversary!!!

    (you changed your blog again. what happened to the kitties? are these balloons? or upside down cherries? i love the colors!)

  6. Happy days of swapping wedded spit and many more.

  7. I'm a bit late to the party due to a stupid migraine but...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

    You two are both adorable and this was such a sweet post.

    I wish you both many more years of laughter and love.

  8. Happy Anniversary, you look so happy together :)

    What happened to the kitties and clouds?!?!

  9. Happy Anniversary! Here's to many, many more!

  10. Great story - I especially love the Subway employees reaction. Happy anniversary!

  11. congratulations!!! Best wishes to your gorgeous family darl!


  12. You two really do make a cute couple, and that's a nice story of how you met. My girlfriend and I met through her coming onto me via facebook while I was banging her friend. Not nearly as nice.

  13. I totally missed this. And I missed the wedding! What sort of friend AM I???? I think you guys are my favorite virtual couple. that's right, I said virtual...I'm not 100% such awesomeness actually EXISTS.
    If I had known, I would have paid that dude to dance for you. Poop.

  14. just found you through Ostriches. You make me laugh. Happy Anniversary late. I'll be back.

  15. Congrats Katie and Jessie!

    It doesn't say anything about your judgement skills at all that you were willing to go for "icecream" with the creepy guy with the camper.

    Steve and Beth

  16. Found your blog through "friends of the ostrich." I am not here to stalk your cat, Cinnamon. The few things I've read are so funny. Happy anniversary!

  17. Great blog - awesome design! Followed!

  18. Belated Happy Anniversary. You two make an adorable couple.

    Oh and one time, my friends and I put a huge sign on my brother's Vega. Since he parked in a way he couldn't see the side of his car, we pasted that baby all down the passenger side. It read, "Honk, if you love Leif Garret." I'm sure being so new to the earth, you have no idea who that is. It was like our generation's Justin Bieber. And my brother worked on a construction crew. He said it wasn't the constant beeping that made him wonder as much as it was the burly construction guy who came up to him and professed his love for Leif and told my brother, if he told anyone, he'd kill him.

    I miss those kind of good times.

    Another big congratulations on the anniversary.


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