Tuesday, September 20, 2011

But it's a dry heat!

We are currently in Phoenix, AZ. It's been really nice and fun even when my bangs were sticking to my forehead like a toddler at Frank Lloyd Wright's winter home. Amy and Earl were wonderful enough to let us stay at their place for a couple nights but now we're at a hotel where we can poop with the door open just like old times at home. I'm typing this on a small iPod screen which is driving me a little batty so I'm going to cut to the chase. I have three extra postcards for my followers since I bought a preset amount that I had come up with before I left my postcard list at home and since I can't remember everyone on it I'm just going to send some to followers instead because I already bought the stamps.

To be eligible please put the word ductility in your comment.


  1. Oh my goodness. Should I google that word or just go with what feels right?

    He looked at me and kissed me ductility.

    No, no, that's awful.
    OMG I just realized I never told you my 2000 music story in the comment section of your last post. DANG.

    I'm just full of ductility when it comes to keeping my promises.

  2. So I guess you could say that the ductility of wood pulp is fairly high, since it's made into thin postcards!

    ...i tried haha.

  3. I've always wanted to visit Phoenix. It's hot as balls in Cleveland in August with humidity. I'd much rather fry the skin right off my feet if my hair won't frizz.

    3M Corp loves when people use the word ductility because it remind them of their Duct Tape! Yes, I know it's wrong, but didn't it sound like I knew what it meant?

  4. yay!! the grand canyon!! aw!! i miss that beautiful dry hot brownish reddish state!! :)

    no postcards for me--they can go to someone else who hasnt been to az in the past 6 weeks :)

    ALSO if you have time, you MUST go to the biosphere!! it's a bit if a trek from phx, but OH SO worth it!! it's seriously the coolest place in the whole world. i even read a book about it. it's THAT awesome!!! :)

    so excited for you !!!!! have fun !!!!!

  5. here's a link to the website: b2science.org

  6. I'm so glad you're making mischief with Amy! Has she brought you over to the dark side of couponing yet?

    I feel the same way about Arizona. Beautiful state, but come on, give me a break on that heat. I couldn't get out of the hotel pool, the whole time we were there in that 104 heat. And when I mentioned, that I, Florida Girl, was dying from their heat, they would all say, "But it's a dry heat."

    And I would say, "Exactly! I'm not really into sitting around in a giant oven."

    Give me my tropics,any day.

    I know what ductility means, but it's a boring definition. I found these stones in the canyon of Arizona.They have a lot of ductility to them. I could reshape them into a necklace.

    I'd rather say: I have these ducks and they crap all the time and I'm so sick and tired of living in a world of ductility where everywhere you step outside, you're met with duck crap soup.

  7. Since I'm here - with you, or rather, you're here with me - I don't need a post card. But it's awesome that you're using my favorite word as your "Get me a post card phrase!


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