Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"What do you expect, mother? I'm half machine!"

I have to admit, I'm rather impressed by your sentences including the word ductility. I had actually just meant that I wanted you to paste the word in there somewhere but  I enjoyed my miscommunication much more.

I realized I have four cards left and I hate having leftover postcards after a vacation (what are you supposed to do with them, you know?). So I either contacted everyone for their addresses or I already have it (not creepy). I just need yours, Sub Radar Mike! Because it's always fun getting mail from strangers. It's just how my parents raised me. Duff, Joann and JoAnn were the other lucky weiners!

Today we are off to Tombstone! Which apparently means touring an old brothel. Don't worry, I'll bring hand sanitizer.


  1. tombstone's kinda ghetto. in an arizona kinda way. or at least that's what i was always told when we lived there ... i never actually went. lol.

    if you're eating in tucson, the fox restaurants are GREAT (, but in my opinion, the VERY BEST is blanco. [it's also the restaurant that stole my soul, but i still love the food there!!]

    i'm so sad that i'm not there to show you lotsa awesome stuff :(

    OH!! and another thing you should do?? drive out to the saguaro national forest!! the western side is a lovely drive, especially in the afternoon/evening!! or you could do the cactus forest loop out on the eastside--it's a few bucks to drive through, but there are a lot of saguaros (the cactii with the arms). you could also drive up mt lemon, which is pretty fun too!!

    oh man!! i wish i was there to show you around!! c'est la vie!! have fun!! show up pictures!! :)

  2. You know what's fun? When people make statements about someplace they've never been in a disparaging way. Ann, if you’ve never been to tombstone, don’t state outright that it’s ghetto. If it’s not, you’re a liar. And what is “in an Arizona kind of way” supposed to mean?

    Anyway. I hope you’re having fun in Tombstone, KatJes. Hopefully it’s not too “Ghetto” for you, but if it is, you make that place Ghetto Fabulous!

  3. I always wanted to go to Tombstone. There and Death Valley. No specific reason, I'm just a geek. Have a fantabulous time!

  4. Oh, so we didn't have to use the word in a sentence? Oops, oh well haha.

  5. wow, I don't know what to do with myself, so many blog posts from twelvedaysold!

  6. Oooh! You're on a road trip?? How fun! I've been all over Arizona already, being as how I lived in Phoenix for a number of years. With that being said, I have never been to Tombstone. Take lots of pictures.

  7. Now that sounds like a fun vacation - and getting a postcard is awesome, well done actually sending them out!

  8. So... I have just had a spare few minutes to myself and finally got to catch up on your posts... why do you not have a TV comedy channel all to yourself yet?! (In other words, you're hilarious, you make me laugh, you are ace).

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  10. Thanks for the postcard! Loved it.

    And I loved even more when my 13 yr old read the card and said, "Mom, you have a friend named 12 Days? Who names their kid 12 Days?"

    And I totally went with it and she thinks your name is 12 Days.

    Man, I love messing with my kids.


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