Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I owe you a real blog post. The pictures need to be resized and we're good to go.  But more importantly, it's Jesse's birthday.

When Jesse and I had been dating for 10 minutes and then engaged for 5, it was Jesse's birthday.  I spend $250 on a tattoo for him on his back.  And as it turns out, Jesse isn't much for the pain.  While I get a tattoo and am in pain, I am STOKED for the new tattoo, I don't even care about the pain.  Jesse isn't like that.  And then we went back to his house and I washed his tattoo with a rag.  A RAG.  I don't know what I was thinking.  It's like I hadn't gotten my own tattoos.  I'm not sure it was a very good birthday present afterall.  Homeboy was miserable.

The next birthday trauma involves a little back story.  Once I read in a Little House on the Prairie book about the girl (was there more than one main girl?  I didn't like the books) running around in the woods, and when she comes home she's in trouble for leaving, and then she looks down and notices that somewhere along the way, her big toenail had come off.  Sorry for sharing that, but it MESSED with me.  When Jesse and I were dating, I confessed that at various points through most days, I have to put some sort of pressure on my toenails so they feel safe.  I know, bizarre.

So in 2008 on his birthday, I was moving a chair in our house.  And then it happened.  Something traumatic to my toenail, that I won't go into detail.  Wait, yes I will.  My toenail got bent back.  And I have to say, it wasn't that horrible.  Except, MY NIGHTMARE CAME TRUE!!!  I couldn't stop crying and we had to have my parents come over and I had to wear a big bandage on my big toe.  It took a year for it to completely grow out again.

Last year we were hanging out with Brittney and Bracken and as the day went on, I got this horrible back spasm.  It became more and more painful and I couldn't sit down or move much.  He spent the evening of his birthday rubbing my back.

So here's to you, toots, to marrying someone who apparently never cares it's your birthday.  I love you very much and I'm hoping that this low-key birthday we have planned doesn't suck.  We will already be at mom and dad's place in case something happens, but I will wear open-toed shoes and I properly stretched for the day so my back doesn't seize up.

And no needles.


  1. See? Toenails... Straws... Books are evil. They make us scared of life. Happy birthday Jesse!

  2. Hey 12days old. Just swinging in from Bye Bye Pie. Wishes for your hubby to have a happy low-key, injury-free, birthday!

  3. I used to try to convince Beth that my birthday was "pick the position" day for once a year. You can try that, Jesse, but I am not sure how much Katie has stretched. Happy Birthday!


  4. Maybe the previous birthday traumas were to get them all out of the way and from here on out his birthdays will be incredible!

  5. Well, they say practice makes perfect. You've already tried all the hard stuff, so it should get easier as time goes on.

  6. Its always wonderful just having you with me. Thank you baby for a great birthday. Also those ice cream cupcakes were awesome.

  7. Happy Birthday Jesse! mmm Ice cream cupcakes!


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