Friday, July 2, 2010

Suki, Cinnamon also makes that face while cleaning himself.

A while ago I wrote about how I was trying to pay off our credit cards for vacation to Comic Con.  I did that, like, immediately after.  In case you were wondering.

Secondly, I'm trying to come up with some spending money for the trip.  Most the money we will have will be going towards gas and food.  A friend recently asked me if I was taking any spending money.   On a vacation.  That we've been planning for months.

I don't know, is this a weird question to anyone else?  "Oh, you're going on vacation?  You taking any spending money?"  "Oh, no.  You know, the hotel is costing so much already."  I understand not having much money to spend, but isn't spending money a given for planned vacations such as these?

"Oh, driving 19 hours, eh?  Gonna do anything when you're down there?  Or, just... sit in your hotel room and think of how far you driven?"

NINETEEN HOURS.  Of course I'm going to buy all sorts of useless garbage on that trip.

I'll be at a gas station in northern California at 2 am asking the person parked ahead of me if they would help me with the pump because I'm on vacation and forgot how to set it because I'm from Oregon and everyone is asleep in the car 8 more hours to go until Portland do you know I went to Comic Con look at this collection of 40 bobble heads I bought [insert maniacal laugh].

Spending money.  Puh-leaz.

Anyway.  Back to coming up with spending money.  We owned a Wii Fit.  I think you can tell where this is going with the word "owned".  I confessed to Jesse I've been thinking about selling it for a long while now, but haven't had a reason to.  And hello, Comic Con.  I would love to give you money.  When I told this to Jesse, he did what we call "not take the news well".  He thought we should keep it, yadda bla bla.  I said I haven't used it in forever (possibly literally), and I prefer the 30 Day Shred (I don't know why) or Dance Dance Revolution.  He was still having a hard time with it, but it was mine so he let me sell it.  But before the guy came over to buy it, he decided to step up on that Wii Fit board one last time.

Some of you may know where this is going.

"Hello, Jesse!  It has been 404 days since your last session."  When Jesse sent that to me over text, I didn't actually know what I was looking at because I thought he had sent me an error message.  Nerds know what I'm talking about.

Needless to say, he was cool with me selling it after that.

And how many times do you think he has mentioned buying dinner with the money?  Well, it's just vacation.  I guess we don't need to take any spending money.

I have no new pictures for you.  That's from our first anniversary.  Yeah, I know, not very interesting.

Some of you may not know this, but I am a biggest fan.

That's right!

I'm going to share a secret with you, that you mustn't tell anyone.  People love getting resumes for fake things.  I.e, a biggest fan resume and a granddaughter resume.  There is no fake resume that I have typed up where I did not achieve my goal.  There's lots of real resumes that never did the trick, but we are not focusing on that. Of course, you have to have the type of personality to grovel, which may not be your thing.

But it is mine.  Which is how I became Amy's biggest fan.

My friend Amy is a writer.  Her name is A.B. Keuser.  Even though I just said it was Amy.  Follow along, people.  Actually, you can follow her Facebook page here.  Support me by supporting her.  Okay, yes, she is unpublished, but that is where you come in.  Follow her Facebook page.  And her blog is here.

Sorry, no cats today I guess.  However, last night Cinnamon was sitting on the couch pouting because I wasn't sharing my sandwich and Suki came and laid right next to him.  Like, touching.  Cinnamon was not pleased with this development at first.  And then Suki did something I've wanted them to do since forever.  She started cleaning Cinnamon!  And then immediately had to do that "ugh, Cinnamon, that was a lot of hair" thing with her tongue and stopped.  But the moment was beautiful while it lasted.

Okay, have a wonderful 4th of July!  Let's not forget that this is a pretty awesome country to live in, with the fact that I have to sell my Wii Fit for money for Comic Con.  And I have nothing to complain about that.


  1. So are we gonna spend the money on lunch?

  2. I think you only blog right after I blog. Am I paranoid? Very funny blog!

  3. I uh, don't know what +q means. Sorry.

    And I love that you thought Jesse sent you a 404 error. I probably would have thought that too. Nerds unite!

  4. Thanks for the plug :) Now I want to post a screen shot of your resume...

    Susie, you'd do well to be paranoid, I think she's stalking you in the night ;)

    I'm so jealous of your Comic Con-ing... *pouts in the corner* well, at least I don't have a mouthful of cinnamon hair - is that by chance anything like cotton candy, if it is I dont think that would be such a bad thing.

  5. Oh my God. I just laughed so hard I peed myself a little. "Hello Jesse! It has been 404 days since your last session."

  6. You took a bunch of pictures of stuff when we came over! Like, a few pics of my bum.

  7. The money will make memories and that will be worth all the non working out you could ever do.

    I like your friend, Amy, too. We unpublished have to stick together.

    My moronic puppies like to jump through bramble bushes and get thousands of burrs all over them, but the best part of it is, they can sit there for hours pulling burrs off each other. I love that.

    I'm on vacation in chicago this week, but I'll be back full force to blogworld next week.

  8. So are you taking any clothes on your trip? Are you going to eat on the way there? Do you think your butt will itch from sitting all day long?

    All of these came to mind, but not once did I think about your spending money. Odd.

  9. I did not Shred today and I feel guilty. We just got a Wii but we don't have the Wii Fit stuff. And what is this Dance Dance thing you are talking about?

    Who needs spending money? I always seem to buy useless crap on vacay...which isn't that often.



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