Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Camping's a tradition in my family." "Hey, it was a tradition in everyone's family, 'til we came up with a house."

Well, everything has been very non-sucky lately, which is great on a personal level, but slightly boring on a blog level.

EXCEPT (whooo boy) Brittney and Bracken are back in Portland!!  Well, they're in Gresham, but that is an insanely better drive than going to Coos Bay.  Oh how we missed our BrittBrack.  OH HOW WE DID.  And, I will allow Brittney a few weeks to get settled in and get internet access, and then she does not get off the hook until she blogs again.  She just went on a roadtrip to Wyoming and homegirl needs to BLOG.  Please head over there and bother her.

I found a disposable camera like 8 months ago in our truck before we abandoned it on that forsaken car lot, and I came across it again last week.  Did you know some of them have expiration dates?  I know, right!  It was two years expired, but I had high hopes.  The film was ripped so they only got 16 shots out of it, but there is a whole series of photos from a camping trip I took with Brittney and Evan (you know Evan, I named my car after him.  He's back in the states now, so his blog I'm Evan and I'm in Iceland should be changed to I'm Evan and I'm in Tacoma, Washington Feel Bad For Me).

That's Evan.

That camping trip was awesome.  And by "awesome" I mean, I haven't gone camping since.  Why do people go camping?

"My parents never took me camping, you know why?  'Cause they loved me."  -- Jim Gaffigan

The summer I was engaged to that man of mine, Britt, Evan and I got together for the 2nd annual BrittEvanKatie get-together.  Sure, we can go camping!  Sounds like a great idea!  There was no firewood around the area.  Which didn't matter because we couldn't get a fire started anyway.  But I said hey, no wussing out.  No waking up tomorrow morning and saying "Want to get breakfast at Kozy Kitchen?"  Needless to say we drove in to town and had breakfast bright and early the next morning, and I got a horrible sunburn just in time for a wedding I was the maid of honor for.  However.  Here are the photos of us with gummy bears. (And yes, we did eventually get a fire started when we walked around the campground and someone was selling firewood and fire starters.)

Gummies roasting on an open fire...sunburn nipping on my skin... I know it's been said, many times, many ways...I hate camping, I-I hate...camp...ing.

I did have a good time (obviously), don't get me wrong.  It's just...I like showering without such a high risk of getting hepatitis.

Alright, new followers!  Susan's friend Jessica FINALLY started following me.  And my friend Jennifer started following me as well, along with Tarunita from Me and My Life.  Thanks, guys!


  1. I hate that you have way more followers than me. I have a disposable camera in my desk drawer right here. I've been thinking about getting it developed for a while now.

  2. Ok... officially, these pictures are teh awesome! I think there's merit to the idea of moving back there, at least for all of the shenanigins

  3. But camping can be fun! Preparations are a must, but still it can be fun!

  4. Furry does not poop in the woods. Or camp. I think camping is staying at a flat top hotel that will leave the lights on for me.

    Just no.

  5. I always wondered what gummy bears did in the woods.

  6. I am not a camper at all! My idea of roughing it involves motels.

  7. That whole post just filled me with unpleasantness at the thought of c-c-c-camping. I would rather have dental work done. But that's just me. No offense to any campers.

  8. Oh dear. How can you BE from the Northwest if you don't like camping?! The fresh mountain (or ocean) air, the quietness, beer with breakfast by a campfire... It's heaven. Unfortunately Husband and I don't camp enough. He's not so much of a camper and he's from Montana. Go figure.


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