Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Get rid of the Seaward." "I'll leave when I'm good and ready."

I love that after my last post where I wrote the word "broshay" that people in the comments changed it to "brochay", with a c.

Enter soap box.

The letter C is a useless letter.  Hear me out.  It does nothing S and K can't handle.  Am I right or am I right?  S does not make a hard K sound.  K does not make a slithery S sound.  Why must C be that way, confusing us with its alphabet wiles?  Konfusing us.  Komments.  Selery.  Selebrate.  I fear this is a problem with no answer, which saddens me.

I am saddened.

Anyway, I have jury duty on Friday.

Which doesn't help the sadness.

There is a book I'm dying to finish and fingerless gloves Jesse is impatiently waiting for me to knit.  Perhaps I'll get some quality personal time in at the good old Washington County while fulfilling my civic duty.  Unlike Dawn in Austin, who I know is very angry I have jury duty when she is just dying to get called in.

Also, very exciting news at House of Twelvedaysold.  Stalker Angie over at I Stalk Knitters is following me!  Which I love because I stalk Stalker Angie.  It's a perfect match.  Or maybe a self destructive one that will end in a restraining order.

Stay cool while I am off delivering justice.


  1. So, if I RSS you, does that count as following, or, for that matter, stalking?

  2. What about the stupid words like conscientious and conscience?

    So confusing. c.k.s. argh...

  3. what about the "ch" sound?? surely we can redeem c for that. how would you spell "chewing" without a c?? maybe you should change your argument to the over usage of c?? now i'm just being pushy.

    also, i'm super jealous of your jury duty. i've only been summoned once, and it was when i was in grad school and didn't have time to sleep and smile like a normal human, let a lone take several days off from my endless task list to add huge responsibilities like "serving justice."

    please share about your jury adventures :)

  4. yeah, c is about only good for the ch- sound. teaching my daughter to read, we kind of ignored c at the beginning because it didn't make sense. we just focused on the sounds: things that have a k sound, things that have an s sound. somehow it worked and she can read.

    i, too, would like to know about us rss readers. i follow you in my google reader! :)

    i'm jealous, too. i've only been called for jury duty when i can't do it, like when i was in college or had a newborn. they don't like newborns in the courtroom. i don't know why.

  5. Can we kick the Q out too. Let's just drop all words with Q and move on!


    Twelvedaysold, the Deliverator!

  6. Oh! I did jury duty two years ago but they didn't let me on to the actual jury cos I worked at a newspaper. Never mind, got a day off and $30 out of it! Have fun!

  7. I am so with you about the C. My youngest is a second-grader, and wouldn't life be a lot less stressful if you didn't have to remember if "city" and "circus" started with an S or a C?

    I've been called for jury duty so many times I can not even tell you. But I've only been on a jury once. And it wasn't even a good criminal CSI type case. It was about two middle-aged men, and a 1961 red and white Corvette. And who owed what to who. I won't bore you with the details of the FOUR DAYS of my life I will never get back. I did get paid about $120 though.

    I wish you a much more interesting jury duty. :)

  8. Forget C, what about there, their and they're, too and two.

  9. CiCi's pizza would disagree

  10. I'm an English teacher. As such, my family and friends tend to think that I can explain all of the strange eccentricities in the English language. (To wit, my mom called me this morning to see if I would explain to her why "traveling" only has one 'l' in it).

    And, uh, nope, I have no clue how to explain the C factor. It does annoy me, too, although not as much as why dough, through, tough, and cough don't rhyme. Crazy ;-)

  11. So you write, you live, you knit. Go on, keep bragging!

  12. Yes, I am jealous. Now that I'm in DC, maybe I'll get called for jury duty here. I'm thinking the trials will be more interesting, don't you agree?

  13. LOL you are hilarious! I love to knit too but I don't the time, I have since 2007 trying to finish a scarf and its still in a plastic bag; I don't even know if they still sell that color of yarn if I need to buy some more LOL.


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