Monday, February 28, 2011

Justice is blind.

Veterinarian: Justice is fine.
Michael : Great.
Veterinarian: Although, dressing him up like a seeing eye dog seems a bit cruel.
Michael: Cruel?
Veterinarian: Well, yeah because he can't see.
Michael: What are you talking about?
Veterinarian: Mr. Bluth... Justice is blind.

The last time I went to jury duty, I got interviewed for a jury.  They were asking all these questions and then they'd look at their sheet and be like "Mmmmm, Mister So-and-so?  How do you feel about that?" and I would go, oh crap, I gotta pay attention, I have NO IDEA what they just asked.  And then a minute later I'd hear them ask another juror what they thought and then repeat my last reaction.  It was a fun morning.

Then we got released for a long lunch which helped me a lot seeing as I didn't live on that side of town.  But my eye had been killing me all morning.  So I went out to Ford Escort #2, pulled out my contact and saw a huge rip in it.  For those not contact savvy, that means the contact had an early death.

Now, this may surprise some of you, but I have horrible vision.  Jesse likes to play the game "Can Katie See My Expression" if I'm not wearing glasses or contacts.  Or, more funly "Can Katie Read That Giant Sign With The Huge Letters What's Wrong With Her She Is Lame".  So going with one contact the rest of the afternoon was exciting to say the least.  Oh, and they didn't choose me for the jury.  But I will always remember (I hate when people say that, "I will always remember ____".  And here I am) the look on the lady's face in the front row of potential jurors.  They started releasing jurors they didn't want, from left to right, front to back row.  They let everybody but one woman out of the front row and I remember when they got to about the third row, she looked back and realized they were letting people go systematically and that she had been selected.  Oh, that look of horror on her face.  It was beautiful.

Anyway, I was sent home again last Friday and I got a lot of reading done.  Oh, BUT KNITTING NEEDLES WEREN'T ALLOWED!  I know, right?  I wasn't sure about crochet hooks, but my crochet chops aren't up to making anything more than those flower fridgies I made a while ago.  Have I been all over the place with this post?  Sorry.

I have no new pictures to show you, so I will post one of my favorite pictures ever.  It's from the World Beard and Mustache Championships, and I want to have an 8x10 print of it made and framed for my house.  More details later.


  1. The first and only time I had jury duty I had to sit next to a smelly guy with easily thirty piercings in his face. Anyhoo what's with you baby, you've been called to jury duty three time since we've been married and I've only been called once in my whole life.

  2. We both know I am, ahem, a few years older than you. Okay, a couple of decades. I have only been called to jury duty once, while on bed rest during a complicated pregnancy. Needless to say I was medically excused from my civic duty. That was 24 years ago. Why don't they want law abiding Duffylou to be a juror?

  3. I've been Called for Jury Duty twice... and each time I've called in to see if I had to go... and nope. They didn't want me. Probably for the best as I have been known to sympathize with Brown Coats.

    Also. I love the beard and mustache championships! They are spectacular!

  4. a) two posts in one week?? you should have jury duty more often :) it's good for your blog :)

    b) that is sad about the knitting needles.

  5. It's a good thing you didn't get picked if they don't allow knitting! That would never do.

  6. They have something against people using their time wisely (or craftily, at least) as my sewing scissors got confiscated when I did jury duty!! But at least I got a day off and got paid $30 which I promptly spent on new bathers :)

  7. Sorry, but I don't feel bad that you didn't get picked, as I am on team law-abiding-DuffyLou, and have yet to be called for jury duty. They need to spread the love.

  8. Oh man, Katie, I want that mustache. I want it on my face, in all it's glory.

    I must have it.

  9. That Stache is maverick. Epic. Awsome.

    Only got called to JD once. But I did do mock court for my first husband when he was in law school. I was so contrary on the witness stand that the student judge leaned over to dismiss me and professed his undying love for me. Heeeee.

  10. Thank you for always having words of wisdom; I totally appreciate you! God bless you.

  11. The one time I got picked for jury duty, "Sheldon" was a baby, pre cell phone era, and they wouldn't let me leave when they were running long to tell the sitter I was going to be late. Stuck until 7:30 Arghhhghgh

  12. For a while, every time I voted in November, like clock work, I got a jury summons. I only had to report once, and then found out I was on a murder case which had rocked Atlanta, and that I was one of many called jurors called across five days. I was put in group 44 or something, and the case dragged on and on. Every time I left the country, I had to call the prosecutor's office to inform them. I have only left the country a few times, but the case still persisted. Finally, they moved the case out of Atlanta.

    No, I did not know about your vision problems. My college roommate is legally blind without her glasses and contact lenses, and I remember a few unfortunate moments involving ripped contact lenses. You poor thing!

    And that mustache is rockin'. Love it!!

  13. LOL dang I would probably be like you falling asleep instead of listening to the questions; are you glad you weren't selected? Or where you looking forward to it?


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