Tuesday, December 15, 2009

CAUGHT! And chalkboards.

I got caught adjusting my bra this morning by one of the shop guys (I avoided eye contact and went the long way back to my desk to avoid walking past him) and then my boss walked out of her office when I had my index finger up my right nostril picking a winner.  Today has been exciting indeed.

So I finished these a while ago:

But that picture really sucks, so here's a closeup:

I finished them, then they sat in the back bedroom for a really, really long time while Jesse constantly asked me where I was going to put them (why must he insist on me actually completing a project?  Ridiculous, right?) and kept saying "let's put them on the cupboards" like that was such a good idea.  If I remember correctly, he then put it up and forced me to see that they looked good there.  So I asked my dad to help me rig them up there, and he gave me some 15 year old (no exaggeration) double sided tape that he promises won't rip off the paint whenever we remove them.

"I'm Jesse!  I'm a little cutie pie!  BE FEARFUL OF THE REDBEARD."  Isn't he cute?  He puts the dishes away while I stand around and take photos.  So obedient.

So after I made said chalkboards (which, btw, the boards themselves were under $2 a piece and the paint was like $6, with lots left over.  More on my craftster), I needed an eraser.  And I wanted ones like I had growing up in school (YES KIDS THEY ACTUALLY USED TO USE CHALKBOARDS IN SCHOOLS, WEIRD RIGHT? What is this, the 1800's when Judi was born?).  Turns out, nobody sells those anymore (1800's) and all you can buy is a piece of styrofoam with a minuscule strip of felt on it.  My mom's friend Lynn (click the link, it's good I promise) makes these cute little erasers for some of my mom's miniature chalkboards so I had her make me some in the likeness of Cinnamon & Suki.  No, I am not obsessed with my cats.  I just think that everything they do is precious and I need to take a picture of it RIGHT NOW.  Hey, I don't have kids, so sue me.

And OMIGOSH cute!  They turned out AWESOME.  That picture doesn't do them justice.  She kept the sides the color of the wood and didn't charge me an exhorbant amount to make them.  I mean, $60 a piece wasn't exhorbant, was it?  Okay good, I was getting nervous for a second there.  I'M KIDDING, mom, calm down.


  1. nice, I've made an appearance

  2. adorable! gosh, you make me look bad with all the adorable things you do.


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