Friday, December 4, 2009

Crafts, crafts and more crafts.

I finished these a while ago, but have I mentioned I'm horribly lazy?  I may have been too lazy to tell you about it.  Maybe later.

These were the first glove-type project that I have knit (so far just hats for me, and a very, very lonely sock).  They were really fun and look awesome with my orange sweater, which I'm sure you were concerned about. It's imperative to have something that matches these.

And then I made these "advent boxes" to fill with goodies for Jesse. 

They're mostly filled with Hershey's kisses (which he will dutifully eat after all the painting I did for these guys) but a couple of other surprises too.  And considering it's already the 4th of December, he has already discovered what those other surprises are.  Now back to Hershey's kisses.  And they look great on our $25 armoir:

And, as always, these are listed on my Craftster page as well.;u=163582;sa=showTopics


  1. Man katie, I really am happy I found your new blog, you've got so many great things posted :D

  2. I'm gonna come over and steal some of that chocolate, just you wait!


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