Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Will someone new please start following me?  I'll mail you a dollar.  Jesse created another Blogger account to follow me with, named "Señor McBray".  At least, this is what he told me until I looked and saw he was indeed not Señor, but Senior.  Not really what I think he was going for.  Long story short yet am I still talking?  I made him delete old Senior there.  However, my dashboard keeps saying I have 15 followers and when I click and see it's only 14, I die a little inside.

Jesse and I went to Bullwinkle's to play mini golf, like, I don't know how long ago.  Good thing you don't care that much.

Slug bug yellow!  We may have forgotten to take the camera inside and had to wait until we were leaving.

If you are ever at Chuck E. Cheese, or one of those places where after winning all those useless little tickets you are forced to not be "selfish" and to give your tickets to the kids in your group (jerks), GO TO THE SPONGEBOB GAME.  I am talking business right now.  You will master it, and you will be the king chicken, or something.  With my ticket earnings, we got a crayon bank, fake orange teeth, and a green heart shaped bracelet.  Here I was trying to show off my bracelet.  And our blue lips from drinking an Icee.

But really, let's just focus in on Jesse for a moment.

Jesse.  Available for babysitting at a time convenient for you.

Pity marriage?  You'd be wrong, because he married this.

Which, oddly enough, also included Brittney.  And this:

Jesse saw a whole series like that last photo of Cinnamon and I touching noses and cuddling and he just sat there and said, "Are you and Cinnamon dating?"

He may have a point.


  1. I'll get Nick to follow you too, if he isn't already. Also, what kind of communist regime is in power at Chuck E. Cheese and Bullwinkles and other such places that they demand you give up your hard-earned tickets?

  2. Oh, Jenna Jenna Jenna. I'm talking about my family! We went there for my niece's birthday and I had to give her my tickets and was like, "I earned those!" But YIKES, you need a lot of tickets to get something good. She needed my hard earned Spongebob tickets.

  3. Katie, you're awesome
    I dont know if I've said that often enough (or realy ever), but you are.
    Someday, you'll have scads of envious followers, because as my biggest fan, you'll get lots of airtime when I'm famous!

  4. So if maybe a Sir McBray starts following you, would said person still get a dollar?

  5. why did you post that photo again?! hasn't the internet suffered enough?

  6. Ok, seriously? Shut up. I have 9 followers and I've been blogging for 3 years.

    Secondly, I love touching noses and cuddling with my dog!

  7. I love that last picture!

    I could never get my cats to sit still long enough to take a picture like that. Most of my pictures of the animals are quick snaps where I hope that they weren't moving so fast they became a smear against the background.

  8. Okay, here's what you do. Go to my blog. There's a little button that says, The Secret Is In The Sauce. It's a site that helps you increase your followers. It's all about following blogs and getting comments. The rules on the site will explain everything. Also on Fridays, there all kinds of follows. And what that means, is someone sponsors a follow. All you do is go to their blog and on the bottom of their post, they'll have a place you can link your blog. You link up and watch the commenters and followers pour in. Just google blog follows and you'll find a ton of them.

    And what a seriously cute kitty picture.

  9. Target Steve's wife, BethThursday, May 27, 2010

    Since you ain't too proud to beg, Steve is now following you. Sounds creepy. I need to create an account so I can follow blogs, too, but I'm a mo and a procrastinator about these things.

    Thank you for reading Steve's blog. I will send you some change to start filling up that cute crayon bank.


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