Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's Mudders Day.

I made a call to my husband the other night while I was at my parent's house BORED OUT OF MY MIND because Jesse was working on homework instead of baking me a delicious dessert or rubbing my feet like he should have been.  I called him up to ask him how it was going and after I hung up my mom immediately chimed in.

Mom:  Why do you talk to him like that?

Katie (Innocent Wife Who Deserves Dessert): Like what?

Mom (in a whispery high voice): "Hi honey..."

Katie (IWWDD): You mean, like...his girlfriend?

Mom:  YES!

Mom has a point.  So, Jesse, how do your other girlfriends talk to you on the phone?  I'm quite curious.  I'm thinking "Hey ho-bag" may be more appropriate considering we passed the whole "we've been married longer than we were dating" five minutes after we got married.

Like, Jesse?  My husband who is now going to art school for animation and dragged me to free comic book day even though I was sick?  I didn't know he liked comics until around a month after we got married.

Now, kids, I'm not here to give you some lecture about engagement time.  Because that's boring.  And I have nothing to say but we knew we wanted to get married fast and we're lucky for finding such a good fit for each other.  Oh, that was boring?  MY BAD.

All of my fan* left me a comment telling me they have "exhausted" my "archives" and I think she may have been acting nice, but you know what?  You're welcome.  I think Blogger just told me I have 22 posts now, so I know that must have been quite the archive delve.

*When I was in high school I was talking to my dad about the lack of black people in Coos Bay and he said "What?  I have lots of black friend."  He was talking about his coworker.  Salt and Pepper, that's what they used to call you guys, right Dad?  Did you guys rap about INSERT INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT like the original Salt and Pepper?

Fyi, I cannot spell inappropriate on my own.

Bored yet?

Just scrolling down for the cat pictures?

A long day working in the yard.

And pictures of Suki outside!  She always moves around too much to get a clear shot.  And I may not be able to figure out how to adjust the shutter speed on the camera.

I call this next one "Come give Poppa a hug."

Here's the cats congregating to talk about how annoying it is I take so many pictures of them.

I know they're sitting there saying, "Come ON!  Have some kids already and give us a break."

And my dad had me take a picture of his angry face.

You know, the grain on this picture actually makes the face timeless.  I'm sure you can tell I have always been very intimidated by this man.  Have I told you the story about the sandwich, excuse me, moldy sandwich my dad found underneath my bed?  Of course I haven't, but I need some material for the next blog post.  All of my fan are waiting with baited breath.

Mom's blog.  Happy Mothers Day!  I'm obviously glad you are my mother, because you were the best.  Mom was the type of mom when if I got in trouble at school (a rare occasion, mind you) she always took my side and then waited until we got in the car to give me a hard time.  That's a good mom.  She also made the best cookies ever and always made sure that my birthday was celebrated by itself with no "joint" Christmas/birthday presents (my birthday is December 26th).

I love you, Mom!

Sorry or making you come and unlock the car door for me a zillion times when I was in high school.  I've gotten much better about keeping the keys with me ever since that fateful night in Portland that I had to pay $75 dollars for a locksmith when Mommy and Daddy weren't around anymore.  Sometimes I learn fast, right?  Right?


Anybody have a slim jim?


  1. I REALLY liked this post! It was so well-written!!! No, really! ^_^
    Thanks for all the great Mom comments. You were always a great kid, which makes being a mom easier.
    As for the keys, however, I do seem to remember a couple of recent trips you made over here to pick up the spare key because you locked yourself out of the house.....

  2. I totally thought you were going to somehow segue into the "Mudders" from Jaynestown in Firefly... :D

  3. I'm so glad you're still sweet to me. Yes, thank you again for coming to free comic book day with me when you were sick.

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  5. Ahhhhh thank you. I feel much better now. And I think it's a good thing you talk to him like his girlfriend; it's part of what makes spending time with you two so nauseating. If you stopped, what would I complain about? So you had a fast courtship. So? You guys were the perfect not-cautionary tale! Too soon? Well, Jesse and Katie were married 3 months after they started dating, and they're wonderfully happy together! So there.

  6. katie, all your fan are belong to me.

    and that angry dad face cracks me up. XD

  7. The only reason mom thinks you were such a "good" kid was because of the rest of us. We were so bad that it made you look good. It's like hanging out with fat people to make yourself look thin. Man, I need fatter friends......

  8. Well, Christy, I was the only one to write a blog about my mother, so...

    And how do you think I've always remained the skinny one!


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