Monday, May 17, 2010

Her name was Cobra.

I finished those socks!

And I am loving how thin they make my ankles look in photos.  Thank you, socks.  You're alright.  Is alright a real word?  Should it be all right?  June?

Suki pulled me aside the other day and told me that Cinnamon has been getting too much exposure on the blog, and that she has been getting the shaft.  Where she learned the word "shaft" I have no idea.  I, of course, immediately turned on the defense and said to her, "Well, you're the one not posing for pictures!  Hold still when I pull out the camera!  At least until I figure out how to change the shutter speed!"

We settled down, obviously, as I am still here with only a few scratches.  Which, dang, Jesse showed me a little "fun" game she likes to play where you put your hands under the covers and she has no idea what it is moving around in there.  Have any of you read the Frog and Toad books?  There's one story where either Frog or Toad (can't remember) is trying to sleep but there are these mysterious bumps towards the bottom of his bed.  But when he looks under the covers, just his feet are down there!  He is so distraught he goes downstairs to sit in his chair with a blanket, but the bumps follow him there too!

It's like that, except Suki LUNGES under the covers with her claws out, immediately pricking the tippy top of my finger and making me a total pansy in front of my husband.

Which, regarding the Frog and Toad books, I loved those books.  Loved them!  They had such cute stories!  But I remember reading the whole "bumps under the cover" thing thinking, come ON!  It's your feet, you moron!  There was also another story where Toad didn't have enough water for tea (I'd ask why he didn't have enough water, but it was a toad making tea so I try not to look into it too much) and he starts thinking sad thoughts to cry enough tears to make tea (which, yuck).  He's thinking about spoons that fall behind the stove and are forgotten forever.  I can't remember the other ones.  I vividly remember trying to make my seven year old self cry over the things he was listing and each one I was like, I could do better than that!  World hunger!  War!  Clay Aiken!

So there she is.  Left and right, she is being cute.  We've had her since October of last year.  Before we had her, she had moved around quite a bit and so she was pretty comfortable from the beginning.  But it wasn't until around the beginning of this month that she actually wants to cuddle.  Like, look at me, pet me, love me.  Before if she lied down on me it was like, NOBODY MOVE!  She wants to cuddle!  It's nice she's finally warmed up though.  I mean, I guess.  Now she's all needy, and not just when she wants the tub to have water in it.

But they're so cute.


  1. It looks like Suki's trying to pick my pocket.

  2. Frog and Toad. I loved those books. And the cartoon on PBS. Was that a cartoon or was it just stills with someone narrating. I can't remember. But it was awesome. And sad. I felt a little bad about the spoon, it's gone forever. Now you have to throw a fork back there to keep him company. Hey, when you used to load the dishwasher as a kid did you make sure there were at least two silverware in each compartment so they wouldn't get lonely during the cleaning cycle? Me neither. And I certainly don't do it now! Ha. That would be ridiculous!! Hold on, I gotta go check something in the kitchen.

  3. Wait... you were seven when Clay Aiken was on AI?... I'm having serious math issues right now!

  4. The cats I grew up with loved that game, too. Except they'd want to play when I was asleep, and I'd shift in my sleep and move my feet which prompted them to make terrifying and hideous yowls and growls while pouncing on my sleeping feet. And then I'd wake up and curse.

  5. Okay, I have been staring at your socks all day, and I have finally decided I am jealous. I would -love- to be able to make stuff like that, but I'm pretty sure I have neither the skills or the attention span for it. La sigh.

  6. No, Amy, I wasn't 7. I just knew from the beginning he would be depressing. Not that I know the words to his songs. That's just crazy.

  7. Love the socks. And the cat. Suki getting all that extra attention, however, does explain why Cinnamon's been over HERE a lot lately.

  8. I hate to break this to you Toad and Frog fans but those stories are from Owl at Home. I have that book memorized and can show you next time your up.


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