Saturday, June 26, 2010


New followers, people!

Okay, first of all let's welcome Shelley.  She hails from I Miss My Sanity and blogs about her animals often.  Why are other people's pets so interesting?  They're not, you say?  Stop posting about my cats?  YOU KNOW YOU LOVE THEM.

Next is The Jilted Ballerina.  She's crafty.  But probably not like ice is cold.  She's set on getting me to crochet, and if you saw my computer desk right now, you would know she is winning.

Next up is what's her face.  I forgot her name.  How rude am I to call someone what's her face?  FINE, I'll go look it up.  It's Erin from the Mother Load!  It was love at first sight with this post.  Don't tell Jesse there are women who even pretend to do chores in a little black dress.  Although I don't know how hot scooping the litter box wearing high heels can really be.

Which, speaking of the litter box.  On Thursday something came in the mail.  Something horrible. Something that would....ruin my night.

Oh, Jillian.  I thought I liked you.

But what's the best is when I was googling for that picture, I came across this one of a girl after her first 30 Day Shred work out.

Didn't want that posted on my ever-increasing in popularity blog?  Too bad.

Oddly enough, it looked a lot like my photo!

And who was totally not going to post that picture until that chick up there, who is apparently a crip, posted hers?

Okay, I assure you that my photo only looks better than the other girl's because of the lighting in the living room.  I was disgusting myself with the sweat falling everywhere.  Suki started rubbing up against my legs during my cool down and some sweat dripped down on her and who started to hate her owner?

Oh, I just realized that is the Fat Bridesmaid!  I don't think she would mind it so much anymore.  Way to ruin the embarrassment, Fat Bridesmaid.

Oh, that's right, I was speaking of the litter box.  I got up Friday morning and thought to myself, "Well look at that!  Only my arms hurt!  Even though I could barely walk myself to bed last night because my legs were shaking so much!"  And then I squatted down to clean the litter box and bam.

Jillian and I aren't on speaking terms.

However, last night I fell asleep at the rambunctious hour of 9pm, because, hello.  I'm a 23 year old partier who stays up until 9pm on Friday nights.  So this morning I got to hang out with Jillian again!  Lucky me!

Fortunately for me I'm making Jesse do the video with me tonight.  Because after we got up this morning, and I started exercising, who went back to bed?

**Edit - Please note those are JESSE'S legs in the following photo.  He was afraid they looked too girly and people would think they were mine.  He is like George Michael on Arrested Development when GOB needed "legs" for his saw-the-girl-in-half trick and he repeats "I'm okay with myself, I'm okay with myself."

Was it everyone but me?

Hmmm, Jillian?

It's starting to finally get hot here in Portland.  I found poor Suki camping out in front of the fan.

She took my spot!


  1. Boy do my legs look girlie.

  2. Oh my gosh, Jesse are those YOUR legs? I somehow thought they were Katie's. Althought after some thought that doesn't quite make sense, because I guess she took the picture.

  3. Girlie legs are much better than marshmallow man legs. Am I right? Or am I right? Did you see that Doctors episode where that giant guy came into the ER because he smelled really bad and thought he had an infection and then the doctor found a sandwich under one of his fat rolls that was rotting. Girlie legs are better than that.

  4. I'm going to confess something here, but don't tell anyone, I didn't shred today. Who looks forward to shredding? No freakinbody, that's who! I had every intention, but then I found a whole bunch of other stuff to do, like clean out the dogs' ears.

    I'll be better tomorrow. I am up to Level 2, though. The first day of Level 2, I'm pretty sure I died, but now I'm doing plankjacks like nobody's business. I just wish the jiggles would be less jigglier, though.


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