Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Iron Maiden is for the infestation

A while ago Jesse and I were at Target and we saw this little "you are Iron Man" mirror thing in the toy section.  It had Iron Man's body on the mirror and you put your head where his head should be.  I told Jesse to squat down.  Now, Jesse has this long torso.  Like, really, really long torso.  Homeboy is mostly torso, and a smidgen of legs.  He won't be happy with me when he reads my description of his body.  His shoulders kept appearing in the shot, because if you can believe this, they only made the display tall enough for kids.  He was getting all frustrated with me saying over and over again "Lower.  No, lower."  And he got up in a huff and had me do it.  He said to me, "You need to grab my head and put me in place, like this."  And he proceeded to shove my head further into my neck in front of the children and their parents in the toy aisle.  You can see how excited I was to still be a Target shopper.

Next up was Jesse, and I delightfully shoved his head into the right spot in the mirror.  Can you tell by these photos that we were SO DONE trying to be Iron Man and Maiden and just wanted to get out of the store, but no, we must finish what we started?

Good times with the Bray folk.  Come and knock on my door...

Okay.  You guys.  That was what I was going to write about today.  But do you know what happened last night?  DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED?  Of course you do.  You see where this is going.

They're baaaaaaaaaaack.  Suki was ready for her nighttime snack of licking water in the tub and as I leaned over to turn on the water I was like, SLUG.  SLUG.  SLUG.  And Jesse came in and SLUG.  Four of them this time.  We think they're coming in from the window.  I'm still not 100% convinced that's what it is, but it's either that or the drain and I have to sleep at night somehow.  I just wish our stupid bathroom had a fan.  Can you put a makeshift fan in the bathroom somehow for when you take showers and you don't want mold all over your ceiling?  Please advise.

We did decide, however, this was a good time to clean out the drain following my good friend Martha's advise from this book.  She tries to kill you slowly with chores.

First we put in baking soda.

Then white vinegar which we repeatedly said "It smells like feet" until we were no longer amused with ourselves.

Then it foamed.

Then you stopped caring what we were doing to our drain and clicked to another website.

Then you pour boiling water down the drain.  Turns out?  Boiling water just fogs up the camera and makes all my followers go "thank goodness she stopped posting photos of this nonsense."

And then Suki got VERY, VERY ANGRY that we were not letting her in the tub.  Note the ears.  I gave her some treats in hopes she wouldn't pee all over my stuff while I slept.

Well, on a lighter note, my cats are still cute and annoying:

So, what's new with you?  No slugs in your perfect little world?  I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT.

Just kidding, I do.  GO ON.

Oh, one more thing, unless you want to get depressed with your cleaning skills, don't take lots of pictures of your shower with the flash on.


  1. I wish I had a real Iron Man suit :(

  2. I was really interested in your drain cleaning technique! Seriously. I did something similar a week or two ago, because the drain was horribly clogged with all my nasty hair and any attempts to shower led to an ankle-bath. Except we don't have any white or apple cider vinegar, so I used balsamic. My bathroom smelled like Greece for a bit.

  3. If I could sneak in and flash photograph Martha's bathroom, it probably wouldn't fare well under the bright lights either. The rare time anyone knocks at our door, I think, well, I'll open it but NO ONE is getting over the threshold!

    Steve started leaving the door open when he showered so the mirror wouldn't fog, and we stopped getting mold on the ceiling.

    Steve's wife Beth

  4. I think you're right. I think Martha is trying to kill us all with the chores and the decorating and the cooking. At least, she'd kill me if I was trying to keep up with her slave driving domestication.

    Your cats are sublime.

  5. Hysterical pictures of you and Jesse!!! Love it!
    I did that same thing for the tub drain. It works pretty good for like a week and then your at it again. It might take a couple more times.
    Sorry about the slugs but they make for a very entertaining story. ;)

  6. My hubby installed a fan in our bathroom that connected to the attic vent when our bathroom started to grow ceiling mold. You could just try using a personal fan in there too.


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