Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Go ahead and take the time to notice my TWO. NEW. FOLLOWERS!

We haven't seen slugs in about a week.  I haven't mentioned it because not thinking about it has been helping.  You know when you get some sort of infestation in your house (no?  You're not disgusting like me?) and suddenly every little fleck could be an ant (or FLEAS, barf)?  It's like that.  You remember from the horrible photos.  They were the same color as the shower walls so every time I go into the bathroom I open up the shower curtain, ready to go on a rampage.  But it's been okay guys, calm down.

HEY!  You.  Yes, you, stalking me.  I know who you are, and you should stop waiting for Susan to post regularly to come out of hiding and start following MEEEEEE.  Jesse and Cinnamon sleepily plead with you in the photo above.

IN THE MEANTIME (Jessica), craft night is resuming tonight.  Jenna will be joining Susan and I.  Okay, well, that's all there was for that paragraph.

Over here at Bye Bye, Pie, some of us decided to do Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred because we hate ourselves.  I say this even though I have not received my dvd in the mail, so I don't really know what I'm talking about.  But I did do some Dance Dance Revolution to "prep" myself, and HOLY COW WHO IS OUT OF SHAPE?  I don't talk about my weight on this blog, except for that little blurp to the right where I stated I weigh 120 pounds "give or take a few dozen".  Now, the give or take might be a little modest.  It's more like "add 80 pounds and cry a little inside".  But I don't get down on myself about my weight too often (I bet Jesse begs to differ with that statement) because a wonderful addition to that weight gain was a butt.  Because the women in my family tend to be, how you say, "top heavy".  As in, we were out with friends one time and I went to the bathroom and on the way back my friend's husband said to her "woooah, that chick has huge boobs" and she said to her husband "that's Katie!" and he said "don't tell her I said that" and hello internet, meet that story.

So, anyway, I might blog about it some.  But it's definitely not going to turn into a health blog because a few weeks ago my sister was reading a bio on some animator chick who said she loved peas and bacon and I said "So she eats healthy" which was surprisingly not said condescendingly.  To which Susan said, "One of those was bacon!  That's not healthy!"  And I retorted, "One of those things is never in my diet."  "Good point," said the defeated Susan, looking up at me while I sat highly on my steed.

Someone misses her Brittney :(


  1. Oh, Katie. You're awesome, and you do have huge boobs!
    I love the "You, Birdy, DDR" Pick. LOVE IT.
    Congrats on the "no slugs" thing and I wish you no scorpions either!

    (Side note: You're so famous... I must find a way to win all of your followers over to my page... let te evil plotting commence!)

  2. P.S. The Jesse & Cin pic is pretty cool too... but I didnt go to high school with them. ( must now check to see if Hubby McRedbeard is still tagged in that picture of us from the band hall... good times.

  3. that add 80 pounds and cry a little inside killed me :)


  5. You two husbands are so handsome!!

  6. I love bye bye pie too!! Thanks for the comment girl; I will try not to feak out over WebMD lol; Have a great night! :)

  7. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! Now you have THREE new followers, so how exciting is that?

    There's a 30 day shred going on at BBP? How did I miss that? Not that I'd do it, because exercise sucks (sorry Jillian! Love ya!), but it might be fun to listen to other people talk about it. :)

  8. You're just too adorable! Oh and I posted tutorials for the flower fridgies so now you can try them with or without the help of your loverly sister :-) Check out my latest post - just for you.

  9. it really takes talent to ddr with flip flops on. :)


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