Tuesday, June 1, 2010

All quiet on the western front. (pull my finger)

I can hear you all thinking "I wonder how Katie's trip to Grants Pass went?"  Well, Jesse was there too, did you even think about that?  But I'll go ahead and answer you.

There was a parade.


There was much eating.

Let's not tell Melissa that the only picture I have of her on my blog is of her eating, shall we?

Which means that while we passed the time, Jesse passed some gas.

Seriously.  That guy.  He's lucky he's cute and I love him and that he's a great husband.  Otherwise?  Stinky.

And do you know there are NO YARN STORES IN GRANTS PASS? 

Woah, I just crawled back into my chair after the collective gasp from all of you sucked the air out of my lungs.

And there's Darin (Jesse's uncle), on the City Council float.  I took some horrible photos.  I got one that actually has the City Council sign, but he's not smiling, and in fact, looks rather grumpy.  The next one he is in the very far bottom left corner and the rest is sky.  So this was the one.  How the sky knew I wanted it to point an arrow at him with his name, I may never know.

Oh, and here's one of the joys of living in a small town.

Caveman Towing brought out the big guns and towed all of their trucks.  I think it was like 15. I don't know, I was too busy taking bad photos.

Jesse took this good shot though.  He also took a lot of horrible shots that I guess he doesn't feel like he ever needs to delete, ever.

One of the downsides of taking most of the pictures is that there aren't many of me.  Let me show you the two that were taken of me (that weren't of me with knitting needles in my mouth looking like a walrus, sorry).

Hey.  He tries.

So the cats didn't come with us this weekend, because we had a discussion beforehand about how Cinnamon thinks he's old enough to stay home alone and watch Suki.  The plus side of this was that Cinnamon, only out of necessity, actually buried some of Suki's poop instead of just letting it sit on top of the litter.  What was that sound?  Was that the sound of losing a reader by talking about cat poop?

Okay, is there some sort of correlation between how a cat has a litter of kittens (I almost typed a liter.  Do some cats have two liters maybe?  Certainly not a gallon) and how they use a litter box?  Jesse mentioned that to me and I found it hysterical.  But I'm also the person that never put any thought into the words pony tail and hula hoop.  (Did you know when you're using a hula hoop it's almost like you're dancing the...oh, never mind.  EVERYBODY ALREADY KNEW THAT.)

ANYWAY, back on target Katie (Steve), that above photo of Cinnamon is from when we had the GREAT ANT DEPRESSION OF TWO THOUSAND TEN.  The bottom shelf on the red bookcase back there used to be Suki's eating area until ants found it.  Then ants found the mario table cat food so we moved it in front of the armoir.  We wanted them to have a good view of Arrested Development and Futurama.

Should I keep him?

Yes [   ]

Yes, farting is part of better or worse [   ]

Were 'for better or worse' even in our vows?  I only remember me stammering.


  1. Cinnamon is a beautiful cat, have I said that before? Just don't tell my Flower.

    Have you ever heard of the better marriage blanket? Maybe you can make Jesse some underwear out of that!

  2. Katieface, have you lost weight? Your pictures look like you have. If so, cool! If not, so what? I'm convinced you have. I weep for your lack of yarn stores, though. I would think there would be enough farmers' wives in Grant's Pass to make it worth the yarn store. Such lamesaucery.

  3. Sorry for not capturing more face-stuffing food photos.

  4. I love the second picture of you. I can see a nice pale thigh.


  5. The nice thing about Phoenix - 12 dozen of every type of store imaginable! Lol. Now that you're done with your mini-break holiday, get back to reading my Space Opera! I OWN YOU! ;) jk. Loves you!

  6. Space Opera? That sounds awesome. All I can think of is David Bowie and light sabers. I want to read it!


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