Friday, August 27, 2010

Boxers or briefs? I don't know.

I just deleted my whole blog post.  So I'm sure you can understand if this is brief.


Are those briefs?  I don't actually know.  Please advise.

What I already typed, before Blogger decided it was mad at me, was:  Do you like the Gap (yes)?  Or Old Navy (double yes)?  Or Banana Republic (not so much, no)?  Well then I HAVE A DEAL FOR YOU!  Through Sunday you can use this coupon for 30% off your purchase at any of those stores.  Five percent of your purchase will then be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters!  And even if donating to those type of things isn't your bag of tricks, it's still an awesome deal, yo.  Here's the coupin.

And sorry for calling you yo.

Oh, and I know that this is the second time I've told you guys about opportunities to donate to charity.  But I won't ever post organizations that I don't believe in.  And there are ones I don't donate to because I feel they don't use their money wisely.  But Big Brothers Big Sisters, along with volunteering there myself, I really do believe in what they do.

Anyway, I was then going to tell you that my husband and I just had our 3 year anniversary on Wednesday.  And he told me not to blog about what we did this year because it was lame.  So I won't mention it, even though I don't think eating a ton of Burgerville and then falling asleep on the couch watching Mythbusters is lame.  But I guess you'll never know.

Alright, Cinnabutt:

"Cinnamon, get off the coffee table."
"Everything ELSE is on the coffee table."
"Carry on."

And a cute one of the Jessebutt.  Well, not literally.  I guess.


  1. thanks for tiny speed racer helmet pic. Its always nice to be reminded that I have a massive ape skull.

  2. Your cat pretty much runs the universe. Thought I ought to tell you.

  3. I can't believe it's already been three years! That is crazy. Congratulations!!

  4. Hey Katie...can't believe I didn't notice your blog before this!! It's great, I love your sense of humor....always have. Great pictures! I read back quite a ways on the many things I could comment on...some happy and some sad:( I will try and keep up so I won't be so far behind next time.

  5. Thanks Jennifer! Unfortunately, I'm not sure which Jennifer you are! Please reply here or send me an email, I'm dying to know.

    Thanks for the sweet comment! It's nice to get some confirmation from an outside source (inside being my family) that you enjoy my blog.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. don't hate me, but i went to Banana Republic over the weekend and donated. but I donated to the wildlife fund....all the causes were so worthy it was tough to decide on one.....

  8. I keep trying to comment on your blog and the Universe keeps it from posting. Jerk.

    I don't think your anniversary celebration was lame. It's comfortable.


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