Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Poop accidents.


Someone found my blog by searching "poop accidents".  And I just really don't think it can get any better than that.

Poop accidents.

Things are better, guys.  A bittersweet kind of better.  Things got drastically better and drastically more sad at the same time, but what can you do?  You live your life, and you tell yourself my new motto to keep yourself going:

Poop accidents.

Just like that Katie always says, "Poop accidents."

Let's pretend that my mind was a bunch of building blocks, built up into a pyramid.  And I love building blocks by the way, that would be a great present if you feel so inclined.  Yesterday I got a call from my insurance company that Hank was totaled.  And it's like, one block had been poked from the initial car accident, and then 6 more throughout the course of the weekend.  And then I got that call and that one was too weight bearing of a block and then it got knocked out and AAAAAAHHHHHHHH.  I mean, would we be upside down on the loan?  When can we take Suki in?  How much will it all cost?  How much longer do we have the rental? 

And then as quickly as it fell apart in the morning, it came back together in the afternoon, finishing up a really horrible 5 days.  We were not upside down on the loan.  Suki's parting was way more rough than I could have imagined on us, but we distracted ourselves with this.

Speaking of Suki, we were hoping to keep her for another week or two.  But you know how when you find out something's wrong that you didn't know about that you suddenly notice all the things you should have seen before?  Sleeping more, how much she drank, etc.  On Sunday we left her home alone for 3 hours and she peed in 5 different spots of the house. Not vengeful peeing, like on our pillows, but in the hallway, the bathroom, the bedroom...  And it wasn't like regular cat pee, but really diluted.  Ugh, guys, it just totally blows.  I know we did the right thing.  But it blows.

Oh, and we got to see Hank one last time when we emptied her out at the auto shop.  And I snagged this photo on my phone before we left:

We're going through a little bit of mourning as Jesse and I adjust and talk about all the sweet things she used to do.  How instead of playing with yarn she would pull it taught and then continually LICK it (that was always a fun spot to get to in my knitting), and how whenever she dropped a big poop she would run as fast as she could through the house.  Or how she would be sitting in front of you looking at something behind you and you could wait and wait to see if she's still looking, but the moment you turned around to see what she's looking at she either 1) looked away casually or 2) looked at you like you are a huge moron.

Oh, and the "she" up there was in reference to the cat, not Hank.  Hank never licked my yarn.  

So hopefully we will get back to your regularly programmed activities instead of talking about the week from BEYOND.  Because I have a couple new followers.  And I may have eaten all the cookies Amy sent me that I was supposed to save for Jenna.

And now a quote from my fazha: "Everything with be OK and it will all work out, mostly because there is no other choice."

And don't forget what Aunt Katie says.  Poop accidents.


  1. I'm mostly glad its behind us. But I sure will miss my little nap partner. We love you Suki.

  2. I can't wait for you to pick me up in your new car which I've named Jelly Bean because the black ones are my favorite!

  3. Oh my. I feel like a doofus. I think i deleted your link cos it hit my blog as a spam comment.

    Also, sad car! Sad cat!

  4. Pretty new Bug! I'm so sorry about Suki. That's a rough thing to have to go through.

    And my blog gets hit more from "pee pee boy" than any other thing out there. And it's usually from Thailand. Who knows. Or wants to...

  5. Your new car is soooooooo cute. I feel a haircut outing in our future.
    Sorry about Suki. She will be missed.

  6. Awwww, nap partner. And a super dooper pooper.

    Bug is way cute.

    The 13-year-old and his buddy were in the back seat of my Accord the other day discussing their plan to drive a bug back and forth past a playground to see if the kids would punch each other. It was time for summer vacation to end and eighth grade to begin.

  7. Beth, you made an account! And my family is huge on the "slug bug" game, however we do not hit each other. I think after my parents had 4 kids and continued to play the slug bug game, the punching got old real fast.

  8. Hi! Thanks for your post on my blog. Life is easier, now that it's Friday night! :) Sorry you've had a rough go as of late, and I am happy for you that things are looking better. Your new car is soooo cute. I lost my car last October when an elderly lady took out my Corolla in a parking lot - Grand Marquis + rolling downhill into Corolla = totalled Corolla. I was devastated to say the least, given that car was with me during so many pivotal experiences from age 20-29 (her name was Lola. Lola Corolla). Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful weekend enjoying your car! Sorry about your kitty, Suki. Was she named after Suki in Gilmore Girls?

  9. Heya... I just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet comments. I was so sorry to read about your Suki, but I'm thankful you'll be able to keep your other little kitty-friend healthy for a while longer♥
    and I love the car! simply adorable!

  10. The new car is cute! I bet it's super fun to zip around it.

    Now on to the important thing, I hope that the passing days have eased your pain. Losing pets sucks. Like, a lot.


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