Saturday, August 14, 2010

The terrible, horrible, no good, really sucky three days.

Suki has always had a thing for water.  I've blogged about it a lot, about how she likes to get in the tub after we've taken a shower, or whenever she hears us go into the bathroom when she turns off Miss Silent and becomes Miss Do-What-I-Want until we turn on some water for her in the tub.  For at least the past few weeks, we've noticed that the cats go through one whole bowl of water every day.  We knew it was mostly Suki, but it wasn't until Jesse said he thought it was strange that I looked it up and realized cats aren't supposed to drink that much normally, especially because we feed her wet food.

So even though I had just been in a car accident a couple days prior and haven't quite been myself, I put my foot down and said we needed to get the cats to their vet appointment, even if something was wrong with Suki.  And that's when they told us she has diabetes.

And that's when they told us Cinnamon has the beginning stages of kidney disease.  It's not too terrible, and we can have him for another couple years before anything really starts to happen, but he needs to be put on a special diet.  A diet that would be fine to share with another cat that didn't have diabetes.  And insulin for Suki would cost $130 a month, along with that new diet.  And while I know you've seen the lavish life we live here in the 'burbs, there's no way we can scrape that money up.

So, sad news, Internets.  It might be a little quiet and sullen over here for a while as we say goodbye to our sweet Suki so we can get Cinnamon started on his regime before we wait too long.  We're really bummin here at the Bray household, even though we knew the risk of adopting an 11 year old cat last year, and knowing the possibilities at the end of the vet appointment today.  We're hoping God cuts us a little slack the rest of the weekend before hearing back from my car insurance company and having to think too much about Suki being gone.


  1. Dammit.

    We love you, Katie. You and Jessie hang it there together.


  2. Um, yeah, hang it there together.

    Hang in there! Together! :)


  3. I wish we had money laying around collecting dust to be able to help you out, but Beth is a big spender don't ya know. I hope things start to look up for you guys. Find the pony.

  4. What a bummer. Things can only look up from here, right?


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