Saturday, August 14, 2010

For your viewing discomfort.

If you have no idea why I'm showing you my hip's new look after dating Korean steel, please see my last post where I attempted to take myself and a minor that I was in charge of out to dinner.


  1. That's. .. . pretty awesome. I am very impressed! Oh, right. Sorry you're hurt.

  2. That's way worse than I had pictured. Yikes!!

  3. Awesome bruise. Glad you're not dead. We'd miss you!

    The one on my face isn't nearly that impressive.

    And I'm so terribly sorry about your kitties. I just caught up with your blog. We've been having computer issues...My lap top got a tojan horse, Hud's has a mushy wifi switch and the router went out. But other than that...

  4. omg.....OUCH! I am so sorry again for the whole debacle....yikes.


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