Monday, August 9, 2010


My many fans, I do not understand.  I have had three new followers on my Twitter page in the last month.   Twitter called, wants my poop back.  I haven't updated since December 2009.  In case you don't know (and you were so lucky before you started reading this), I'm what we call "anti-Twitter", seeing as I really don't care what my friends are doing every single moment of their lives.  Sorry, friends.  You're just really, really boring.  I KID.  (No I don't.)  So I started Twittering every time I pooped.  Do you think these people noticed my page, and are concerned that perhaps I haven't pooped since December 2009?

A long, long while ago I started knitting some gloves, and I showed you how quickly I knit the first hand.  The second hand, well...that took some motivation.  But here they are.  Here they are, indeed. (craftster post here)

"And tonight we see Katie wearing...what's that...looks like the Disney collection...Yes!  The Princess pajamas!  It's definitely Cinderella, I'm sure of it.  And those gloves!  So chic!  An excellent pick with the kitty clutch, newest from Fred Segal.  She has chosen 'Frightened Feline #3'."

And yes I had to look up Fred Segal to make sure it was a clothing retailer.  Didn't want it to be Fred Meyer's cousin or anything.

Why yes, I did blur the background to hide the stuff we had on the floor.  How did you find out!

Moving forward...

I was going to talk about how the cats had what people call "accidents".  But we call it "we temporarily forgot why we have those cats in the first place."

I realize that is interesting to no one, yet here I am still talking about it.  The first two times they peed in really good spots (for cat pee, that is) like a plastic bag that was easily thrown away.  Then there was two small spots of pee on the carpet in the living room, which was convenient for no one.  Well, except for Jesse, who was on his way to school and "oh the cats peed on the carpet, I put a paper towel down." A paper towel.  I scoff at your paper towel.

Now, Jesse thinks one of the cats decided to pee on the carpet.  I, myself, me, Katie, choose to believe that they both sat across from each other and counted down to peeing, and then ran off giggling to the tub for a midnight tub licking.

I've also brought all of you here today to ask a favor.  When you guys comment, I usually have things to say in reply to that comment.  But I'd rather not comment underneath your comments because I'm pretty sure none of you come back to read them and it depresses me when half of the comments on a post are from myself.  When I get an email saying you have commented, I like to hit that 'reply' button and send an email back to you.  And, as it turns out, almost all of you have set your email address to not show when you comment.  I'm asking you to change that.  To do so, go into your blogger profile ("edit profile" on your dashboard) and click the "show my email address" box.  I'm not forcing you to do it (but if I were in your computer room with you, I would try, trust me) but what of the whimsical and uninteresting things that you never get to hear from me?


  1. The tub licking pee race was a good one. However,we both know Suki is the notorious tub-licker and Cinnamon finds other things to do with his time. Like begging for food over at your parents place.

  2. How did you know I had a computer room?

    Your gloves turned out awesome! Great job!

  3. Fred Segal should use you as a model. the calendar really helped show your versatility.

  4. I think that might just be what the cats did. Peed on the carpet & went to the tub for midnight tub liking.

  5. I cannot believe how great your gloves turned out!!! I also have to say it was nice to see the cats.

  6. Way to go on the gloves! Knitting is so much harder than crochet. btw I love cats :-)


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