Monday, August 30, 2010

Kitty Fever.

My old friend Keith started following my blog.  Hi Keithy!  Thanks for following!  Welcome to the most depressing website on the internet.

And Jennifer!  I must know how you found my blog and where you know me from!  Please email me at so I can put a face with the name.  Thanks for commenting.  Also, welcome to the most exciting website on the internet.


So sheik!  So FIERCE!

And this was the moment Cinnamon decided he didn't want me to be his owner anymore.  "I'm leaving," he said. "And fix that lampshade."

Who can't get enough cats now?  Is it me?  And my husband?  Obsessed with everyone else's kitties?  Oh, hi Cinnamon.  I didn't see you there.

On Saturday night some friends invited us to dinner.  They just adopted two kittens, one 4 months old, one 6 months old.  Trying to nap?  No, you're playing with me.  Irritated with me?  I don't care, let's cuddle.  Ooh, that was a pretty disgusting sneeze all over my arm.  It's okay, I forgive you.  Kiss.

Add that to the fact that we watched the first season of Project Runway and when I woke up this morning Jesse said, "Did you dream about clothes?"  "Yes, and cats.  It was weird."

AAANNNNDD my Nana sent us some pillowcases for our anniversary!  Naturally, they are covered in cats.  She is what we call an "enabler".

Oh, and I want to leave you with this shot I took of Cinnamon's chest.  I know, I know, he said "My eyes are up HERE" too.  This is his lovely belly fur that I like to snuggle.  Go ahead.  Be jealous.


  1. Awesome socks, dear :)
    and cinnamon, as always is adorable. I love Hubby McRedbeard with the pillow.It's cute.
    P.S. It's a ok that Nana is an enabler.

  2. Those pillow cases are awesome. Now we just need some sheets.

  3. you have the fluffiest, cuddliest kitty!

    i just wanted to introduce myself....usually i just read blogs in silence because my blog commenting time is generally limited to hours when my brain is most fried, but you seem to know everyone who reads. and you don't know me. :) i found you at june's bye bye pie blog. i don't comment there, either. anyway, i read you through my google feed reader. i mostly come for the kitties. and the knitting. i can make sweaters. i can't make socks. yet. dpns freak me out and i get all klutzy.

  4. I haven't watched Project Runway in a few seasons, but I heard this year they were going to make a dress out of cat fur. Stay tuned.

    (No cats will be harmed in the filming of this episode, stop freaking)


  5. Wow, those socks look awesome Katie. You're moving up in the world!

    Aren't those pillowcases awesome?! Bracken and I love ours. :)

  6. Great socks! Didn't you love season one? How about that crazy model who went partying in that guys design and ripped it? I thought it was ugly to begin with, but still... What a nut job!

    You should see the lady they have from Portland this season. She is horrid! And dad picked her as the winner so he kind of has to root for her even though he hates her. It's awesome.

  7. At least you guys are picking winners. My guy (Chris) is a *waa waa*. At least he's not a jerk. Yet......
    Love the socks. And Cinnamon. Oh, sweet cinn.

  8. You are freaking hilarious. I must visit more!!
    My dream is to own a cat.


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